Use IP-Parallel-HV to provide your higher than TTL IO needs. The base design provides a flexible user interface to control each signal. Interrupt generator on each input channel. filtered or direct input. The design is FPGA based [Spartan II] optimized for client specific versions. Use the IP-Parallel-HV for your control, avionics and robotics applications. Perfect for your embedded control applications. Supported with IP Carriers for PCI, PCI-104, cPCI , PCIe. Interconnect with ribbon cables and breakouts or custom cables.

High Voltage IP Compatible card with 48 programmable IO. 40 mA sink. Low side switch configuration . Open collector interface. The IndustryPack compatible IP-Parallel-HV design can handle up to 30V external signals. The standard card configuration is a 6.5V reference plus the ability to supply an external reference. Other built-in voltages are available.

Please download the manual [see bottom of page] for more information.

The IP Module driver can be instantiated multiple times to control multiple cards by the same CPU. IP-Parallel-HV when coupled with the Dynamic Driver "knows" what slot it is in and which carrier it is installed into. The slot and carrier information is required when using multiple cards in a PCI system with dynamic address assignment. A known system configuration can be combined with the slot and carrier information to deterministically access the right card.

PCI implementations can be done with the PCI3IP and PCI5IP. Applications from 24/24 to 120/120 HV IO per PCI slot.
PCIe implementations can be done with the PCIe3IP and PCIe5IP. Applications from 24/24 to 120/120 HV IO per PCIe slot.
cPCI 3U is supported with the cPCI2IP. Applications with 24/24 or 48/48 HV IO per 3U cPCI slot.
cPCI 6U is supported with the cPCI4IP. Applications from 24/24 to 96/96 HV IO per 6U cPCI slot.
Applications from 24/24 to 96/96 HV IO per PC104 stack position.
PC104p is supported with the PC104pIP. Applications with 24/24 HV IO per PC104 stack position.
PC104p situations with a custom mechanical can be done with the PC104p4IP.

IP-Parallel-HV IO Filter and Interrupt Control Block Diagram

Features and Benefits

  • Size
  • Single wide IP

  • Parallel Interface
  • 24 open collector outputs. 40 mA sink., 6.5V reference STD
    Internal reference voltage up to 12 volts can be programmed. External references up to 30V. Diode protected for external source. 24 inputs. Resistor divider provided for 6.5V reference std. Other combinations are available. Series-parallel termination provided for maximum range adjustability

  • Pull-up Resistor
  • 470 ohm on upper 8 bits, 1K ohm on lower 16 bits is standard

  • Software Interface
  • 16 bit registers mapped to the IO channels. Word writeable. Read-back of channel control registers and input registers. Read-write of control register for card configuration.

  • Interrupts
  • All input channels can be programmed to cause interrupts. Each channel is programmable to be masked, active hi, active low, edge or level sensitive. Interrupts are mapped to INTR0n on IP bus

  • Power Requirement
  • +12, +5

  • Protection
  • All IO Channels are protected with current limiting resistors.

  • Custom
  • There is room in the FPGA for custom applications that need IO. Send in your specifications and we can quote a custom version for you

  • MTBF
  • Belcore 25c GB 1.855 Million Hours

    IP-Parallel-HV Block Diagram

    Ordering Information

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    Engineering Kits
    IP-Parallel-HV-ENG ..........Engineering Kit for IP-Parallel-HV includes: Board level Schematics [PDF], Reference Software , IP-Debug-Bus, IP-Debug-IO.

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    Download the
    IP-Parallel-HV Manual
    Download the IP-Parallel-HV-MLR Manual 12/15/05

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    Customer Special Versions
    You can order these too or request that we design one for you

    Download the
    IP-HV-Test Win7 Manual in PDF format. Use IP-HV-TEST to develop a driver or test an IP Carrier., IP-HV-TEST is based on the IP-Parallel-HV IndustryPack module with a special FLASH load. The Module responds to all 4 access types, allows testing of both interrupts, has 2K bytes of RAM and more to support your SW or HW development.

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