50 pin Ribbon cable (28AWG) with pull tabs and strain relief.
Ribbon cable shown has strain relief, pull tabs and is 24" in length

50 pin Ribbon cable with pull tabs and strain relief. P1 and P2 labled with product name. Central label with part number. Serial number provided. All cables assembled with quality components from AMP, 3M etc. All cables tested.
Multiple lengths and styles available
Quantity discounts are available

Ordering Information
With strain relief and pull tabs
Build your own PN:
Base numbers:
50-2003-0106-XX.YY.ZZ Standard HDRribn50
51-2003-0106-XX.YY.ZZ HDRribn50 with 1 Female (standard) and 1 Male (header) connector
52-2003-0106-XX.YY.ZZ Twisted Pair HDRribn50
XX = primary length
YY = secondary length
ZZ = FT or M for units
Example: 8.10.FT => 8 ft 10 in., 10.00.M => 10 M
Any length available - standard type stocked lengths include 2´, 3´, 4´, 5´, 6´, 8´, 12´, plus 6" ,10", and 18". 40" Twisted Pair and 12" Male - Female cables also stocked.


Custom Cables
Dynamic Engineering can manufacture a custom cable to meet your connector requirements.
Send us a diagram or call with your specifications and we will assemble the cable for you.

HDRribn50-Custom Contact Dynamic Engineering
sales@dyneng.com with your custom requirements for pricing and lead times

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