D100 to 100 Terminal positions

HDEterm100-MP shown

The high density 100 pin SCSI connector is being used for purposes other than SCSI interfaces because of board and front panel space limitations. For example in the PCI/PCIe environments the SCSI connector provides an excellent size and pin count for the front panel space allowed. The SCSI connector while dense, is not easy to connect to with wiring intended to go to multiple locations.

HDEterm100 terminal provides an easy way to get from a high density SCSI connector to discrete wires. For example with the PCIeAlteraCycloneIV or PCI-ECL-II designs a standard D100 cable can be used to connect the PCIeAlteraCycloneIV / PCI-ECL-II to HDEterm100, and then to the system wiring via the screw terminals provided. HDEterm100 provides a space efficient, low cost method of interconnecting the control electronics to the rest of the sensors, IO, machinery etc. For your convenience HDEterm100 is available with a DIN rail compatible mounting system.

HDEterm100 comes with two D100 compatible connectors. One connector could be used for a termination plug or for a second SCSI cable. The screw terminals could then be used as testpoints. The SCSI connectors are connected to the screw terminals and to each other 1:1. The PC board is routed with differential pairs between the connectors and terminal strip. Equal length pairs with constant space are used to provide an optimum environment for your differential signaling. A multi-layer PCB allows for a complete ground reference for the signals. 100 ohm differenctial impedance is provided.

If you want custom terminations we can accomodate them. HDEterm100 has several features, which are not installed as part of the standard product, to allow series, parallel, pull-up/pull-down terminations to be added to each line or pair of lines independently. Two rows of 100 header positions each allow interconnect options between the resistors, the SCSI and screw lock connectors. Additional features include: power entry and distribution posts, Oscillator and transceiver positions with jumper selectors for direction and interconnection. Please send us your specifications. We will assign a modified part number and build a custom terminal block for you.

2 - D100 compatible with cable locks
SCSI connectors can be vertical, horizontal or mixed. Please specify -V, -H or -M
2 row by 50 terminal strip with side entry wires and top screw lock. Rows are offset for ease of access.
Available with plastic and DIN rails -P or as shown for bench top operation.

Ordering Information
HDEterm100-HP: (Standard Version) horizontal SCSI connectors with plastic
HDEterm100-VP : vertical SCSI connectors with plastic
HDEterm100-MP: 1 horizontal and 1 vertical connector with plastic
Thumbscrew adapter HDEterm100 is compatible with thumbscrew or latch block style cables. Thumbscrew adapters are needed when using the thumbsrew style cable. 4 threaded standoff´s are provided with the kit.
Remove the "P" if no plastic / DIN rails are desired.

Please select from below if you wish to have a special version


A schematic for the HDEterm100 is provided to show the possibilities for terminations, loop-back, signal sources etc.
HDEterm100 Rev C Schematic
Reference HDEterm100 Mechanical revision B
Reference HDEterm100 Mechanical revision C Currently shipping

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