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cPCI Compatible Embedded Solutions Summary Page

Typical Module and Carrier Features
  • Standard Software Packages available with purchase
  • Off-the-shelf and Custom Designs
  • HIgh Rated power supplies and planes to keep your PMC, IP card properly powered
  • Matched Length Impedance Controlled IO
  • ARINC 429, CAN, MIL-1553, RS232, RS-485, RS-422, LVDS and other electrical standards
  • Carriers for IP, PMC and custom
  • User Programmable
  • 1 year warranty standard. Extended warranty available.
  • Extended [Industrial] Temperature standard (most models, eventually all).
  • Standard and ROHS processing available
Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect aka cPCI is a parallel interconnect system. cPCI32 is the most common version and has 32 AD lines plus an additional 18 control signals. With cPCI, a reference clock (33 MHz most common frequency) is distributed from the system master to each peripheral. The clock is used to qualify each of the control signals. cPCI has several modes which are encoded on the CBE lines during FRAME assertion, CBE transitions to Byte Lane Enables in the next phase of the cPCI transaction. cPCI also supports 64 bit PCI and can operate at 66 MHz.

cPCI has two main mechanical standards - 3U & 6U. 3U has one or two cPCI connectors and can be 32 or 64 bit PCI implementation with the 32 bit implementation having a further option for rear IO. The 6U size cards can have up to 5 cPCI connectors and can support both 64 bit operation and have full rear IO support. 3U is 160 x 100 mm not including the bezel and connectors. 6U is 160 x 230mm also sans bezel and connectors.

PCI was incorporated into PC´s, PC104, cPCI, PMC, and many other system types. PCIe is now making inroads with parallel platform types XMC for PMC, PCIe104 for PCI-104, VPX for VME, cPCIe for cPCI, as well as taking over in the PC arena. Dynamic Engineering is developing products for the new platforms and will continue to develop to support the previous generation of PCI based systems. In addition Dynamic Engineering supports cross mounted systems, PMC in cPCI with cPCIBPMC3UET, or IP on cPCI with cPCI2IP for example.

Dynamic Engineering currently supports PCI based systems with a combination of adapters/carriers and IO solutions. Carriers for cPCI, PMC, IP, PCI-104 to use with PCI. Native IO solutions for ECL, ASCB, SpaceWire, custom IO, and adapter based solutions with UART, CAN, 1553, 429, Parallel and serial IO, custom requirements.

PCI Specification Compatibility Dynamic Engineering Carriers and Modules are compliant per the PCI-SIG specification for PCI plus any secondary specification; for example Vita 4 which is IndustryPack.

Dynamic Engineering driver and application software supports the user. Our carrier drivers support system enumeration and access to the modules. Dynamic Engineering modules have feature rich support for the HW and reference application SW to show examples of how to use those features. For details on any specifc design please download the HW and SW reference manuals located on each Data Page. The summary pages below have links to the data pages.

Standard & Customizable IO

PMC BiSerial VI
PMC BiSerial VI

High speed DMA supported differential IO. 34 LVDS and/or RS-485 - install on cPCIBPMC3U or cPCIBPMC6U to use in your cPCI system.

Add any of our IP or PMC designs to your cPCI system to install UART, custom IO, SpaceWire, TTL, Reflective Memory, 429, 1553, etc.

cPCI Receiver Controller
cPCI Receiver Controller

Digital Radio Receiver Controller with SPI, A/D, D/A, clock references, UART, temperature, fused power

Grouped by function

IndustryPack® Carriers - Adapt IndustryPack Modules to cPCI
cPCI IP carrier

cPCI2IP is a 3U 4HP cPCI [Compact PCI] design with 2 IP positions, Separate clock controls, filtered fused power, reset switch, LED´s

cPCI IP carrier

cPCI4IP is a 6U 4HP cPCI [Compact PCI] design with 4 IP positions, Separate clock controls, filtered fused power, reset switch, LED´s

PMC Carriers - Adapt PMC Modules to cPCI
cPCIBPMC6UET carrier

cPCIBPMC6UET - 6U 4HP 64 bit Bridged cPCI [Compact PCI] design with 2 PMC positions Extended Temperature

cPCIBPMC3U64ET carrier

cPCIBPMC3U64ET - 3U 4HP 64 bit Bridged cPCI [Compact PCI] design with 1 PMC position Extended Temperature

cPCI PMC carrier

Passive cPCI2PMC - 3U 4HP cPCI [Compact PCI] design with 1 PMC slot. Slot 0 options.

cPCI Carriers - Adapt cPCI Modules to PCI


Install a cPCI board into a PCI slot. This adapter supports 32-bit PCI operation.


Install a cPCI board into a PCI slot. This adapter supports 64-bit PCI


Install a cPCI board into a PCI slot. This adapter supports 32-bit PCI operation and has J2 IO connected to headers.

cPCI Slot 0
cPCI PMC carrier

Passive cPCI2PMC - 3U 4HP cPCI [Compact PCI] design with 1 PMC slot. Order with Slot 0 option for clocking and arbitration functions.
cPCI cooling support - Fan Boards
cPCI 6U Cool

12 position fan board with options for Forward or Reverse Direction air flow, "Zero Slot Fan"™ technology, 5V or 12V operation. 6U size

cPCI rear IO support - PIM´s, PIM Carriers, IO options
Carrier facilitates rear panel IO
PIM Carrier Host

The PIM Carrier board facilitates 2 PIM´s. The PIM Carrier facilitates rear panel IO in cPCI based systems using PMC´s.
facilitate rear panel IO

PIM-Universal-IO is a 1:1 PIM which can be used with any PMC.

facilitate rear panel IO

This PIM is designed to match PMC Parallel IO and PMC Parallel TTL.

cPCI-J2-SCSI connector board

cPCI-J2-SCSI Connector assembly


Software Support for Dynamic Engineering PCI & PCIe Modules, Carriers, etc. typically includes Drivers and reference Applications for Windows®, VxWorks, and Linux. Note: from SW perspective, PCI, cPCI, PCI-104 etc. are the same.

Most carriers are transparent to SW and do not require anything special. In some cases an installed device will need to modify the settings in the bridge/switch on the carrier to support special operations or faster DMA. Dynamic Engineering PMC/XMC drivers handle this function.

In general the driver is layered with a base level and a port level. The driver supports enumeration of the HW and then passes control to the base. The base calls each of the port/channel drivers and assigns memory etc. Once operating the base level driver is used to control global assets of the card and the port drivers the specific features of each port. In some cases - PCIeAlteraCycloneIV for example, a generic driver is available to support client installed features not covered by the supplied driver. Please see the Driver manuals for the specifics of each type. Each product has a separate manual for each OS package supported. The manuals are available for download on each product data page.

Drivers and Reference SW are developed for each type / version of Module implemented. When custom versions are ordered the NRE will include providing Windows, Linux, and/or VxWorks packages. For off-the-shelf models, select on the manuals tab, the Windows® and Linux SW shown is included with your purchase of the HW. A small one-time charge is required for the VxWorks versions. Unsupported SW versions may have an NRE requirement.

Integration support is available. Please contact Dynamic Engineering for this option or download the Technical Support Description from the Company button.