CompactPCI Connector Board

cPCI-J2-SCSI Features

  • Size
  • 3U 4HP rear panel

  • Cable interface
  • 68 pin SCSI 1:1 with PMC Pn4 connector using standard VITA defined J2 rear IO for PMC. See manual below for pin table.

  • Power Requirement
  • None

    cPCI-J2-SCSI Benefits

  • Speed
  • Ribbon cable is used between the rear IO and SCSI connector. The lengths are reasonably well matched. The cable is short. The design is intended for lower speed IO - 10 MHz and below. Above 10 Mhz there may be some attenuation.

  • Price
  • The cPCI-J2-SCSI is priced reasonably and a lot less expensive than making your own.

  • Ease of Use
  • Just plug it in.

  • Availability
  • cPCI-J2-SCSI is available. Send in your order and in most cases have your hardware the next day. The cPCI-J2-SCSI is a somewhat specialized design. If your requirements are somewhat different please contact us to make a version for you

    Ordering Information


    contact Dynamic Engineering if you would like us to produce one for your PMC or a third party design.

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    Download the
    cPCI-J2-SCSI Manual 7/6/7 in PDF format.

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