PMC to PCI Adapter / Carrier

PMC2PCI ( PMC to PCI ) adapter / carrier converter card provides the ability to install a PCI card into a standard PMC slot. PMC2PCI has two PCI card positions mounted to a PMC card. One position can be used at a time with the choice of 3V or 5V IO. Both support 33/66 and 32 or 64 bit data paths.

The PCI bus is buffered with 10 ohm series resistors and clamped with Schotky diodes. The PCI clock is distributed with a zero delay buffer. The PMC2PCI design is passive with no added delays to access the PCI hardware. The passive design reduces system delays and lowers cost.

Some PMC carriers do not supply 3.3V. PMC2PCI has an on-board power supply which can source up to 10A at 3.3V. The regulator design has been updated to utilize a high efficiency switching regulator. The power supply can be bypassed to use the PMC supplied 3.3V or utilized under the control of a user shunt. The shunt options are defined in the silk-screen.

Rear View

PMC2PCI Features

  • Size
  • Single position PMC card plus PCI card height on rear. Blank PMC front panel and stand-off supplied for standard PMC mounting onto the carrier. Right Angle PCI riser available for mounting the PCI card parallel to the carrier.

  • PCI compatible slot
  • 1 PCI 5V or 3.3V IO definions provided. Actual PCI signal voltages supplied by carrier.

  • Clocks
  • PCI bus can operate at 66 or 33 MHz.

  • Access Width
  • Standard PCI byte lanes supported for byte, word and long access dependent on PMC host. 64 or 32 bit operation is supported.

  • Conditioning
  • The A/D lines are series terminated and the PCI control signals are diode clamped. A zero delay buffer is used on the PCI clock, The PCI slot side is series terminated and pulled-up for a clean waveform.

  • LED´s
  • LED on plus 12, minus 12, plus 5, and 3.3V.

  • Power
  • +5, +12, -12V and +3V supplied to PCI slots. Onboard 10A regulator or PMC 3.3V supply.

  • VIO
  • PCI Signaling level set by PMC host. Separate connectors supplied with 3.3V and 5V key and appropriate VIO reference connection.

  • Interrupts
  • INTA, INTB, INTC, INTD routed from PCI to PMC connector. Most PCI cards use one Interrupt level [INTA].

  • Thermal
  • PMC2PCI is a low power device with no appreciable power dissipation.

  • Busmode
  • Busmode set to respond to PMC slot.

  • JTAG
  • JTAG connections are made to the PCI slots from a header on the PMC2PCI. Signals are labeled for ease of use.

  • Warranty
  • 1 year warranty provided.

    PMC2PCI Benefits

  • Speed
  • With PMC2PCI direct connect from the PMC to the PCI card, the accesses to the PCI card are optimized. Your data will move quickly and reliably through the PCI bus to and from your hardware.

  • Savings
  • Make use of existing PCI designs in PMC applications without paying for the expense of a new design and layout. Quantity discounts are available.

  • Ease of Use
  • PMC2PCI is easy to use. A plug and play interface to the PMC site.

  • Availability
  • PMC2PCI was first released in 2001. Dynamic Engineering continues to offer this product to support PMC and PCI applications. Usually PMC2PCI is in stock. This product falls into the Engineering Support category where time is of the essence when needed. Use the handy on-line ordering system or send in your PO for quick delivery.

  • Size
  • PMC2PCI is a standard width and length PMC board with PCI connectors on the rear [when mounted]. Risers are available for parallel mounting of the PCI card [relative to the carrier card]

  • PMC Compatibility
  • PMC2PCI is PMC compliant per the IEEE 1386 specification with the exception of the height on the rear surface where the PCI card is mounted.

  • PCI Compatibility
  • PMC2PCI is PCI 2.2 compliant. The PMC2PCI can be expected to work with any PCI compliant card. Please note: a passive PMC carrier is not recommended for 66 MHz operation due to the trace length accumulated with the carrier and PMC2PCI and installed device. A bridged carrier will "restart" the length allowing for higher speed operation.

    We are able to customize our products for your specific needs, such as: adding a bridge or other IC's, integrating a PCI board onto a PMC card etc.
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