4 Position Version of the PMC Mini Carrier Chassis Enclosure
Shown with PMC-MC-X4 Backplane installed

Do you need a compact cost effective solution to your PMC mounting issues? Why use a complete cPCI, VME, VPX or other standard chassis for your project when all you need is a backplane and power supply for most embedded applications. PMC-MC-X2 and PMC-MC-X4 [PCI Mezzanine Card Mini Carrier with 2 or 4 positions] have been designed to create a compact configuration with built in power supply and slot 0 functions - bus arbitration, reset, clock, interrupt routing, terminations. Select your favorite CPU and add PMC card(s) for a complete system.

If the X2 or X4 are close and not quite what you are looking for; you could design your own chassis, or collaborate with us to make a custom chassis and motherboard for you. Our designs are captured in SolidWorks. We can make changes and supply STEP or other format files for you to use in your design process. For example, if you need a mix of XMC and PMC cards we could add a switch or Bridge to the motherboard and change to an XMC interface for slot 0. Similarly we can add IP Module positions by adding an FPGA to the motherboard. An easy one would be to make a x6 or x8 version with PCI bridges or XMC switches for expansion. With the X2 and X4 designs fully functional it is relatively easy to morph into a custom solution for your requirements.

2 position version of the PMC Mini Carrier Chassis
Shown with PMC-MC-X2 Backplane installed

PMC-MC-X2-Chassis is designed to work with PMC-MC-X2; a two PMC position mini carrier. The PMC-MC-X4-Chassis is designed to work with the X4 mini carrier with 4 PMC positions. The chassis when combined with the X2 or X4 create an easy to use PMC stack with built in power supply, fans, slot 0 functions and mechanical enclosure.

The PMC´s are stacked in parallel. The X2 has one PMC mounted top and one bottom to make a three high sandwich with the basic PMC dimensions for the X,Y and a double high stack for the Z dimension. The X2 is slightly wider to allow for a power switch in the front, power entry at the rear, and some headers on the side. Similarly the X4 has two positions on the top and two on the bottom. The chassis are designed to have minimal clearance all around the X2 and X4 and minimal height to keep the design compact. We even recessed the PC board in two locations to allow the fans to be mounted internal to the chassis without adding much to the overall width of the chassis. Click on the PDF link for the X2 or X4 chassis dimensions.

To use the chassis with 2 or 4 PMC´s use the supplied 10 mm stand-offs to retain the PMC boards to the X2 or X4. The supplied stand-offs are male/female to allow the stand-offs to be connected through the X2 or X4 then attached with standard screws to the PMC. The PMC´s are back-to-back and share common mounting holes for the bezel and stand-offs. Once the cards are attached mount them to the bottom of the chassis with the included (6) stand-offs. Again male-female parts are used to allow common holes for the top cover and bottom cover. Slip the top cover over the assembly from the front rotating slightly to engage the rear and front retaining panels. Add (6) screws through the top cover and two more in the front.

Plug in the supplied wall mount transformer power supply to the rear PowerDin4 connector. The X4 and X2 motherboards and chassis have options for 12V or "28V" power.

Turn the power switch at the front of the chassis to the "on" position. Assuming you have a PrPMC in position 0; it will "boot" and start operation.

PMC-MC-X2 can be mounted within the "X4" enclosure to provide a chassis with PMC carrier and room for additional electonics or other assemblies. The aluminum chassis can have additional mounting holes added for mounting the user package.

The chassis is Black Anodized Aluminum .0625 in. thick with white silk-screen. It will look good in your system.

Cooling is taken care of with two 3.8 CFM fans mounted to the side wall of the chassis. The air will travel across the PMC´s and out the exhaust ports on the opposite side of the chassis. The X2 and X4 have a FET tied between the 5V supply and the fans. The X2 and X4 have options for PMC control, and always on for the fans.

If you have custom requirements please call or e-mail us with the details.

PMC-MC-X2 and PMC-MC-X4 Chassis Features

  • Dimensions
  • Length: 6.39 in., Height: 1.72 in. w/o feet, 1.97 in. w/ feet, Width:X2: 4.18 in.
    Width X4: 7.18 in.

  • Material
  • Black Anodized .0625 in. thick Aluminum 6061

  • Thermal
  • Built in fans 3.8 CFM x2 positions with option for always on or controlled by PMC

    PMC-MC-X2 and PMC-MC-X4 Chassis Benefits

  • Integration
  • The chassis has been designed to be small and with the X2 or X4 motherboard provide all of the slot 0 functions needed to operate with a PrPMC in slot 0 and IO, DSP, control etc. in the other slot(s)

  • Price
  • The Chassis are cost effective, and ready to use. Just install your cards. Low system cost due to easy installation, easy to achieve cooling requirements, and reliability keep your installed price low. Quantity discounts are available.

  • Warranty
  • 1 year warranty

  • Availability
  • PMC-MC-X2 and PMC-MC-X4 Chassis are stocked items.

  • Size
  • Complies with standard PMC dimensions

  • PMC Compatibility
  • The PMC MC Chassis is PCI and PMC compliant per the specifications.

    Front and Rear View of 2 position RIO version of the PMC Mini Carrier Chassis

    Click on play to see videos for disassembly/reassembly of the X2 and X4 chassis. Click the corner box synbol for full screen. ESC returns to standard page. Click the download button to watch on your local machine - use when your internet bandwidth is too low to properly support the video.

    Chassis Ordering Options
    PMC-MC-X2-COM: Standard Chassis with 2 slots, includes external 24V 7A wall supply.
    PMC-MC-X4-CH-X2: Standard 4 slot enclosure with 2 slot X2 motherboard installed. Includes external universal voltage, 24V 7A wall supply.
    PMC-MC-X4-COM: Standard Chassis with 4 slots, includes external 24V 7A wall supply to work with -28 version PMC-MC-X4.
    PMC-MC-X2-CH: X2 chassis only
    PMC-MC-X4-CH: X4 chassis only
    PMC-MC-X2-RIO-COM: Complete X2 with rear IO installed. [please note: this is a slightly different chassis than the current standard model. please contact Dynamic Engineering for dimensions]. VHDCI connectors with differential matched length, impedance controllled traces.
    Abreviations: "COM" => complete - chassis, motherboard, and power supply. "CH" => Chassis only

    "X2 Ordering"

    "X4 Ordering"

    You must have Adobe Acrobat to read our PDF files.
    Download the
    PMC MC X2/X4 Chassis Manual in PDF format.
    Download the PMC MC X2/X4 Carrier Manual in PDF format.


    Download the BA25 Linux Manual in PDF format.
    The BA25 system is an Ethernet to HDLC bridge. It consists of a PMC-MC-X2-RIO chassis populated with a P2020 based PrPMC in position 0 and and an HDLC I/O card in position 1. The P2020 controller is running Linux 2.6.35 SMP. The HDLC driver and bridge client reside on this controller. A packet server/bridge controller interfaces with the bridge client via UDP or TCP sockets. This server may reside on the PrPMC or an external Linux server. The choice of socket protocol is driven by customer network. If the X2 chassis resides on the same LAN as the bridge controller TCP sockets are preferred. If the X2 is accessed over a WAN, TCP sockets can be used if the network supports WAN acceleration/optimization, otherwise UDP sockets should be utilized.

    Multiple X2 chassis(s) can be supported by the Bridge Controller, thus one or more chassis(s) could reside on the local LAN, others could be accessed remotely over a WAN. Thus the Bridge Controller may also serve as an HDLC router, for example, consider a 2 chassis setup. Packets received on port 1 box 1 could be routed to box 2 port 3 for transmission. Source or destination can be a port or possibly a file. Routes may be configured via a routing table file, or via a Bridge Controller API. The current implementation supports 4 HDLC ports per X2 chassis.

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