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IP Module with 30V IO configured for KYK-13

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IP-Crypto Description

  • Win7 Driver included with purchase
  • Standard Type II module
  • 8↔32 MHz. operation
  • 24 input and 24 Output HV IO
  • KYK-13 interface uses 1 output and 3 inputs, rest available as a parallel port
  • 1 year warranty standard. Extended warranty available.
  • Extended [Industrial] Temperature standard.
  • ROHS and Standard processing available
IP-Crypto is a special version of IP-Parallel-HV. The basic design features are retained, and an interface to a KYK-13 is provided. The original KYK-13 interface uses the 6.5V reference output, a transfer request output, and 3 inputs for clock, data and switch. The outputs for the general purpose section are reduced to 23 in number. The inputs are all available through the filter or after processing by the KYK-13 interface. The crypto data is protected with an auto-delete erasure - data is cleared with an approved multiple pass algorithm, if the the data has not been read within a short period of the data request. Please see the manual for more details.

The standard IP-Parallel-HV is a High Voltage IP Compatible card with 48 programmable IO. 40 mA sink. Open collector interface. Interrupt generator on each input channel. filtered or direct input. The IndustryPack compatible IP-Parallel-HV design can handle up to 30V external signals. The standard card configuration is a 6.5V reference and the ability to supply or accept an external reference. The internal supply is DIODE protected allowing direct connect of external [higher] voltages. Other voltages are available. 5.85V is a standard reference to support newer Crypto interfaces which implement the KYK-13 bus at a lower voltage.

Use the IP Crypto to read your key and control your system. Perfect for your embedded control.
IP Parallel HV Timing Diagram

The IP Module driver can be instantiated multiple times to control multiple cards by the same CPU. IP-Crypto when coupled with the Dynamic Driver "knows" what slot it is in and which carrier it is installed into. The slot and carrier information is required when using multiple cards in a PCI/PCIe system with dynamic address assignment. A known system configuration can be combined with the slot and carrier information to deterministically access the right card

IndustryPack® Modules require a "carrier" in most cases to adapt them to the system. Dynamic Engineering has carrier solutions for a variety of formats.
PCIe implementations can be done with the PCIe3IP and PCIe5IP.
PCI implementations can be done with the PCI3IP and PCI5IP.
cPCI 3U is supported with the cPCI2IP. Up to 2 IP-Crypto per slot
cPCI 6U is supported with the cPCI4IP. Up to 4 IP-Crypto per slot
PC104p is supported with the PC104pIP.
PC104p situations with a custom mechanical can be done with the PC104p4IP. Up to 4 IP-Crypto per slot
VPX 3U is supported with the VPX2IP. Up to 2 IP-Crypto per slot

IP-Crypto Features

IP Parallel HV Block Diagram
1.8x3.9 inches nominal Type II with low profile components on rear
24 open collector outputs. 40 mA sink. 30V max. voltage, 6.5V reference STD. Other voltages up to 12V are optional. 24 inputs. Resistor divider provided. 6.5V and 5.85V versions. Other combinations are available
Pull-up Resistor
470 ohm on upper 8 bits, 1K ohm on lower 16 bits is standard
All IO Channels are protected with current limiting resistors
Compatible with 8 and 32 MHz IP bus operation. Oscillator
IP Decoding
Set-up for byte, word, or multiple word payload [x32, x64 etc See PCIe carriers]. LW registers are LW aligned to allow use of 32 bit accesses. FIFO´s can accept/source back-to-back transfers. ID, IO, INT, MEM spaces supported.
Spartan II - 50 is standard and has BRAM´s to create RAM, FIFO etc.
Software Interface
Control registers are read-writeable
Windows®, reference SW and Driver available. Linux & VxWorks reference SW and Drivers by request
All input channels can be programmed to cause interrupts. Each channel is programmable to be masked, active hi, active low, edge or level sensitive. -End of transfer, -End of clear. Interrupts are mapped to INTR0n on IP bus
Power Requirement
12, +5V converted to 3.3V, 2.5, and IO reference
See HW manual for operation
Belcore 25c GB 1.855 Million Hours
The FPGA has room for custom applications that need HV IO. Send in your specificationsl and we can design a custom version for you.

IP-Crypto Benefits

IP-Crypto can offload your CPU and increase system speed. The IO rate is low with a 250 KHz typical Kyk-13 interface. Let IP-Crypto do the work, just wait on the completion interrupt instead of polling for .5mS. Automatic clearing of the data and other features offload the CPU as well.
System level cost is best when reasonably priced & reliable hardware is used while NRE is minimized. With IP-Crypto, driver support for the carrier and IP level, reference software, history of reliable operation, and fantastic client support your cost per unit and overall costs are attractive.
Ease of Use
IP-Crypto is designed to be easy to use. Direct access to all features, aligned registers for larger access types, programmable features to allow personalization for your system. Please download the manuals and see for yourself. Reference software is provided in source form to get you started.
The base 6.5V model is stocked. With a minor "PCO" we can convert to 5.85V or another standard.
IP Specification Compatibility
IP-Crypto is compliant per the VITA 4 - 1995 specification. Tested with PCI and PCIe based carriers. All Dynamic Engineering IP Modules are compatible with the PCIe3IP, PCIe5IP, VPXI2IP, PCI3IP, PCI5IP, cPCI2IP, cPCI4IP, PC104pIP etc. IP-Crypto will operate with any IP specification compliant carrier board.

Part Number: IP-Crypto
Ordering Options

  • IP-Crypto Standard board - Industrial temperature components, 6.5V KYK-13 interface + parallel port
  • -5.85 Switch to 5.85V reference
  • -ROHS Use ROHS processing. Standard processing is ""leaded"
  • -CC Option to add Conformal Coating

IP-Crypto Drivers

Software Support for IP-Crypto includes: Windows® 7, with VxWorks, and Linux compliant drivers coming
The IP driver is layered and operates on top of the Carrier driver. IP drivers are auto installed for each instance detected. Please see the Driver manuals for the specifics of each type.

Drivers and Reference SW are developed for each type / version of IP-Crypto implemented. When custom versions are ordered the NRE will include providing Windows, Linux, and or VxWorks packages. For off-the-shelf models, select on the manuals tab, the Windows® and Linux SW shown is included with your purchase of the HW. A small one-time charge is required for the VxWorks versions. Unsupported SW versions may have an NRE requirement.

Integration support is available. Please contact Dynamic Engineering for this option or download the Technical Support Description from the Company button.

linux diagram
Reference diagam of how our Linux Driver / Application layer operate with the Carrier and IP Module.