Gain access to all of the IndustryPack Bus signals with IP-Debug-Bus.

IP-Debug-Bus is a specialized extender card optimized for testing IP Modules. The bus signals are accessible via test points. The testpoints include multiple ground locations and .025 sq. posts for ease of connection to your logic analyzer or scope. The testpoints are labeled in the silkscreen for easy identification.

Power is controlled with an on-board switch to allow the IP Module to be powered down without turning off the host system. The logic signals are automatically isolated with "quick switch" technology when the power is disabled. LED´s indicate when power is applied. A remote connector position is supplied to allow a remote switch to control the power switching for production environments. "Self healing" fuses are provided for power protection.

Narrow profile to allow use in pairs for double wide IP Modules.

Use with
IP-Debug-IO for a complete debugging solution. IP-Debug-IO provides testpoints and a ribbon cable connector for the IO connector. The IP can be connected to the system through the ribbon cable connector and probed at the same time.

The IP Debug Bus in use:

The IP Debug IO in use:

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