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PCI-Altera-485-XP Windows®XP Windows®2000 Driver for PCI-Altera-485 and PCI-Altera-LVDS

PCI-Altera-485/LVDS comes with everything you need to load your Altera program into the 20K400. Fantastic for development, simulation, special purpose interfaces, multiple serial and / or parallel channels.

The PCI compatible PCI-Altera-485/LVDS design is for the advanced user who wants to implement their own Altera design or requires reconfigurable logic. The PCI-Altera-485/LVDS makes the implementation and use of the 20K400E easy. Larger Altera parts are available in the PLUS model.

The design comes with the basic features built in and the specific features ready for you. The PLX 9054 and Xilinx take care of the PCI interface for initial loading of the Altera, and DMA transfer of data into and out of the FIFOs. The Altera controls 40 programmable RS-485 or LVDS transceivers and 12 TTL IO. Each of the RS-485/LVDS channels is programmable for direction, termination and function. The 12 TTL IO can be inputs or outputs. Eight Cypress 22393 PLLs support the Altera providing the ability to synthesize multiple reference rates. The only thing missing is your input in the form of a coprocessor, reconfigurable logic, state-machine, simulated system, asynchronous or synchronous data processing etc.

The Windows®XP and 2000 compatible PCI_Altera_485_XP driver is a bus driver used to provide the low level interaction with the installed user design and PCI-Altera-485/LVDS local features. The PCI_Altera_485_XP is a Parent Driver which operates with a " Child Driver " for each User Altera Design. The Child Drivers interact with the application code directly.

When the PCI-Altera-485/LVDS is recognized by the PCI bus configuration utility the base driver will be loaded. The PCI-Altera-485/LVDS will be initialized and the specified design loaded into the Altera FPGA. The driver comes with the ATP design used by Dynamic Engineering to test the PCI-Altera-485/LVDS. The ATP design is loaded into the Altera until the user changes the design designation. Please see the manual for the parameter to change to load your design. The Altera FPGA is automatically loaded on power-up with the "auto start" feature. The Altera FPGA can be re-loaded with the same or another design using driver calls.

Once the initialization is complete the driver enumerates by reading the ID of the installed FPGA design. If the device has been previously installed and its device driver is loaded, a Device Object will be created. A separate handle to the PCI-Altera-485/LVDS and to the Altera design can be obtained. IO Control calls (IOCTLs) are used to configure the PCI-Altera-485/LVDS and read status. The ATP driver matching the ATP FPGA implemention is supplied along with the generic driver. Initially the ATP child driver will be instantiated. Once the user changes the FPGA designation the user driver or generic driver will be installed. The generic driver will be installed if the ID does not match one of the available drivers.

The PCI-Altera-485-XP's main functions are to act as a bus driver providing resources for the Altera FPGA module, and to manage the PCI side of the data pipeline. The base and child drivers independently operate through their own file handles. See the appropriate Altera driver documentation for information on the capabilities of a particular VHDL module.

The PCI_Altera_485_XP Parent driver comes with a Generic Child Driver. The generic driver can be utililized with 'C' calls to control your VHDL Module when you do not have a specific driver for that module. If you would like a driver for a third party Module to operate on the PCI_Altera_485 please contact Dynamic Engineering.

The PCI_Altera_485_XP comes with a demonstration test source and executable file set. The test files provide a menu and the ability to test the LEDs, dip switch, PLLs, FIFOs, IO, and interrupts on the PCI_Altera_485. The test files provide a good reference for making calls to the PCI_Altera_485 specific features. Other Dynamic Engineering Drivers are also supplied with userapp to demonstrate calls to the IOCTLs implemented within those drivers.

PCI_Altera_485_XP simplified block diagram of Parent Child Hardware relationship

The user application is typically written in C and makes calls to the FPGA module via the Child Driver and base features with the Parent Driver. The objective of the Child and Parent Driver are to make the C program at the user level as simple as possible for dealing with the PCI based hardware. With Windows®XP or Windows®2000, PCI_Altera_485_XP and the appropriate FPGA child driver, plug and play operation will result. The user software can focus on the application level and have a true software to software interface.

The model software driver PCI_Altera_485_XP - comes configured for up to 10 PCI_Altera_485/LVDS boards within the same PCI bus system. If your system requires more than ten please contact the factory for a simple upgrade. With the standard board set 10 - 20K400 devices and 400 differential IO can be controlled for an extremely flexable, configurable system implementation.

PCI Altera 485/LVDS XP/2000 Features

  • Windows®XP Windows®2000
  • Plug and play compatible Parent Driver for PCI_Altera_485

  • Altera Load
  • Driver supports "Auto-Load" at start-up and Hot-Load during operation of the FPGA design. New child driver automatically loaded and old driver unloaded when Altera loaded or re-loaded.

  • PLL's
  • Independent programming of the 8 PLL [24 clocks] is supported with driver calls.

  • DMA
  • DMA is supported to load and read from the 8 transmit and 8 receive FIFOs.

  • Auto-Start
  • The PCI_Altera_485_XP driver automatically initializes the PCI_Altera_485 hardware, loads the specified FPGA implementation and child driver. Handy for any situation and especially embedded and remote site situations.

  • Missing Child Driver
  • The supplied Generic Driver can be used for any Altera FPGA implementations that do not have a specific Child Driver available. Dynamic Engineering can write a Child driver for your FPGA design.

  • Software Interface
  • Standard C/C++ conventions used with Windows®XP compatible driver.

  • Interrupts
  • PCI_Altera_485_XP supports interrupt and polled operation. Possible interruptors include FIFO level, Altera FPGA design, DMA service.

  • LEDs
  • On-board user LEDs can be controlled by PCI_Altera_485_XP.

  • DIP switch
  • The PCI_Altera_485 8 position switch is readable with a supplied call.

    PCI-Altera-485-XP Benefits

  • Speed
  • With a proper kernal level driver you can get the most out of your PCI-Altera-485/LVDS based system.

  • Price
  • The PCI_Altera_485_XP has a very reasonable price, and is not restricted for use within your company. Buy it once and use it as much as you need to within your company or company products. Combine your driver purchase with the PCI-Altera-485/LVDS and get a discount on the purchase.

  • Ease of Use
  • PCI_Altera_485_XP is easy to use - plug and play with your hardware. Complete directions for installation and use are in the manual. With a Child driver for your implementation the application software is greatly simplified for XP applications. The included reference user application software provides a good model to start with. The Included Generic Child Driver can be used for any FPGA instantiation that does not have a specific Child driver.

  • Availability
  • The PCI-Altera-485/LVDS is a popular board. We try to keep the PCI-Altera-485/LVDS in stock. Send in your order and in most cases [small orders] have your hardware the next day - delivered to you via FedEx. The PCI_Altera_485_XP driver will be e-mailed to you - close to instant access.

    PCI_Altera_485_XP..........Windows®XP Windows®2000 Driver for PCI_Altera_485
    The driver is designed to be overlayed with individual FPGA Module(s) driver(s). Please see the Driver manual for the specifics of writing your board interface. Please
    contact Dynamic Engineering if you would like us to produce one for your implementation or a third party design.

    Download the PCI_Altera_485 XP/2000 Driver Manual rev C in PDF format. Driver description for base hardware.

    Download the PCI-Altera-485/LVDS XP/2000 Generic Interface Manual rev B in PDF format. Windows®XP Windows®2000 Generic driver for PCI-altera-485/LVDS when a custom driver is not available for the user Altera implementation.

    Download the PCI-Altera-485/LVDS ATP implementation driver Manual rev C in PDF format. Manual for using the ATP version of the Altera. The ATP VHDL and load files are provided along with a user level program making calls to the drivers. The software runs the set of tests that we use to perform the ATP on the hardware. The ATP reference can be used as a starting point for new designs.

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