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Dynamic Engineering is the Embedded Solution Center. We specialize in providing embedded solutions to designers. Our solutions are designed to be platform independent using the concept of mezzanine modules (IndustryPack, PMC, cPCI, PCI, PCIe, XMC, PC/104+, VPX). System engineers can mix and match different functions under different system architectures. System designers can port solutions between different architectures quickly and easily with mezzanine designs and modular software. Solutions offered include Custom Design, Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Serial I/O, Control, Bus Interface, Networking and more.

Frequently, Dynamic Engineering solves your prototyping and small production requirements with off-the-shelf or small modification oriented solutions. After prototyping, we can integrate the module-base solution into a custom card with cost savings and performance enhancement.

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Dynamic Engineering´s Hardware and Software design overview

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