The PMC compatible PMC-CF design converts between the PMC Module bus and the IDE bus used for FLASH memory modules and other PC Card compatible designs. The PMC-CF acts as an adapter, converter, carrier, or bridge between the PMC bus and your PC Card hardware. The PMC-CF performs the conversion directly from the PCI bus - no external interfaces or cabling are required and speed is enhanced.

The PMC-CF comes with a CompactFLASH card in socket #1. Please refer to the order information table for size options. The default is 256 Mbytes.

A local oscillator and a complete PMC control interface are provided to allow for custom implementations.

PMC-CF Features

  • Size
  • Single slot PMC Module

  • CompactFLASH
  • 2 CompactFLASH module sockets built in

  • Access Width
  • Internal control register is word wide, CompactFLASH module is word wide for data path and byte wide for control.

  • Write cycle
  • The write cycle to the CompactFLASH is pipelined with an early termination to the PCI host. The pipelining reduces the access time in writing to the FLASH memory. Read cycles wait for data to be available from the memory module.

  • Software Interface
  • Control registers are read-writeable

  • Interrupts
  • Interrupt level A is used to route the CompactFLASH interrupt to the host computer. The interrupt is maskable and pollable.

  • Power Requirement
  • +5V internally, +5V routed to CompactFLASH socket. Current levels determined by hardware installed.

  • Oscillator
  • An oscillator position is provided on the fab. The oscillator is not used with the base design. Custom versions with special frequency requirements can be supported.

    PMC-CF Benefits

  • Speed
  • With the direct PCI to PC Card Bridge design featured in the PMC-CF the access to your hardware happens fast. Using the PCI2PMC and windows NT the sector read time is only 340 microseconds.

  • Price
  • The PMC-CF has the low price point. Add the equivalent of a mobile HDD with faster access speed and industrial toughness for a lot less money.

  • Ease of Use
  • The PMC-CF is easy to use. A point and shoot user interface to the CompactFLASH. Please download the manual and see for yourself. The engineering kit provides a good starting point for a new user. The reference software does a sector write and read-back test, checks the identify drive information and prints out the serial number, firmware revision, and model number plus provides tests for the IDPROM and other PMC interface related hardware.

  • Availability
  • The PMC-CF is in development.

  • Size
  • The PMC-CF is a standard size PMC module which conforms to the PMC mechanical and electrical specifications. No mechanical interference issues. The PMC-CF can be used in all PMC slots.

  • PMC Compatibility
  • The PMC-CF is PMC compliant. All Dynamic Engineering PMC Modules are compatible with the PCI2PMC. The PMC-CF will operate with the PCI2PMC and any other PMC specification compliant carrier board.

    Ordering Information
    PMC-CF :PMC CompactFlash card with 256MB CompactFlash card installed
    PMC-CF-10 :PMC CompactFlash card with 1GB CompactFlash card installed
    PMC-CF-20 :PMC CompactFlash card with 2GB CompactFlash card installed

    CompactFlash cards are available in other sizes - please contact our sales department for information
    Engineering Kit/Driver
    PMC-CF-ENG..........Engineering Kit for PMC-CF includes:
    Board level Schematics [PDF], PCI2PMC carrier card, Reference Software [PMC-CF C test code ZIP file]. Software environment is Windows® XP/2000.

    Let us know if you need a different driver interface:

    Download the PMC-CF Manual in PDF format.

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