Hardware Design

The following is a summary of the parts and software that we work with. We are quick learners, and love a challenge. If the capability is in the general area of our expertise contact us and we can work together to manifest the solution. We have extensive design experience from working with many clients.
With specialized knowledge in the area of:
  • IndustryPack®
  • PMC
  • PCI
  • PCIe
  • cPCI
  • PCI-104, PC104p, PCIe104
  • Custom
  • VME, VPX
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    Hardware Summary

    FreeScale, Intel, Embedded

    Programmable Devices:
    Support for programmable devices from: Xilinx, Lattice, and Altera. Dynamic Engineering has extensive experience with all facets of FPGA design. Including related areas such as power supply, layout, user programmability etc.

    SDRAM, FLASH, EEPROM, SRAM, DRAM, EPROM, PROM, Pseudo Static Ram, FIFO, Block RAM etc.

    PCIeAlteraCycloneIV is a user programable design fearturing Xilinx Spartan 6 100-3, Altera Cyclone IV with PCIe, PLL, high speed differential and single ended logic and on-board power supplies. A lot of processing capability in a small package.

    Signal Processing:
    DSP Microprocessors, FPGA implementations, discrete parts

    Logic Families:
    All standard logic families from the major logic suppliers - TI, IDT, National, Fairchild etc.

    A/D, D/A, S/H, Op Amp, Mixer, Amplifiers, Transistors, Linear and Switching Regulators, Power supply components, DC/DC converters

    VPX Receiver Controller acts as controller and kitchen sink for a digital radio application. Analog, Digital, FPGA, single ended, differential, I2C, PCIe and more.

    Board Technologies:
    Printed Circuit layout, Surface mount and through hole, ROHS and non-ROHS

    Buses and Interfaces:
    PCI and related: cPCI, PCI-104, PC/104p, PMC Custom, PCIe and related: PCIe104, VPX, cPCIe, Other standard buses: VME, IndustryPack, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 561, ARINC 429, Ethernet, H009, Synchro & Resolver, SPI and other inter chip control buses.

    PCIe3IP acts as a bridge between PCIe and IndustryPack standards. PCIe3IP feartures a Lattice FPGA to provide the PCIe interface and state-machines, memory and logic to interface with the IP´s. The design handles various packet lengths and converts them into IP sized accesses keeping track of incrementing or fixed addressing. Write through with buffering, independent interfaces for each IP, programmable IP frequency of operation and on-board power supplies. Linux, VxWorks, Win7 drivers and reference applications

    Schematic Capture & Board Layout
    PADs, Design Works, multi-layer PCB design, controlled impedance, differential pairs, matched length, special requirements for PCI, PCIe, VME etc. Boards designed for automatic placement [pick ´n place]. [Dynamic Engineering has a full automated assembly integrated with Engineering to provide timely production runs and custom versions of our products].

    Hardware and Software Design Form

    Integration of specialized computers. Dynamic Engineering has experience with large and small projects. The trend is toward fewer boards with more capabilities.

    Years ago we integrated several chassis with 20+ cards and multiple buses. More recently we have worked with boards which have multiple FPGA´s, banks of SDRAM, system IO, and are in turn hosted within a standard computer. For example the PCI-LVDS-8T and PCI-LVDS-8R. Each of the boards is hosted within a PCI expansion chassis with 10 in parallel to create a system with 80 high speed IO channels supported by 90 FPGAs, 5 Gb of SDRAM, and scatter gather DMA. We did those designs in 2001 - my how time flies!. The Altera based card PCIeAlteraCycloneIV done in 2013 and has far more FPGA "power" than the 8T or 8R. Imagine what you could do with 10 of those in parallel.

    Dynamic Engineering has chassis for PMC and PC/104 systems. The chassis are rugged, and complete with power supplies, cooling options, system support etc. The chassis are perfect for distributed processing, local control and embedded requirements. We customize the chassis to client requests and do other client driven design as well. Please see our Mechanical Design page for more information.

    Software Summary

    Most designs require software to test, and frequently an application program is required for operation. Dynamic Engineering uses software to control hardware for engineering level test, acceptance testing and manufacturing test. In many cases we can use a PC to run the user interface, and the PCI or PCIe bus to interface with the hardware. MS Visual Studio and a custom driver along with our application program has proven to be an effective set-up for our Windows Applications. We tend to work with Ubuntu when utilizing Linux.

    Dynamic Engineering has the capability to create a Windows® Linux, or VxWorks driver for any of our designs. We can assist with the design of drivers for other environments with detailed HW manuals and on-site support. We have room at our facility for customer integration, and have great success when our clients visit us for this purpose.

    Most of our designs are supported by an engineering kit which contains the Driver based software that we use in our production test, a copy of the schematic, and test fixtures. The manual along with the design kit provides an effective package for our customers who want to use our driver in a Windows or Linux environment or to write their own driver to use the card with another OS.

    Programming Languages/OS support:
    C, C++, are used with most applications and drivers. HTML, JAVA etc. used as needed. OS support includes and is not limited to: Windows®, Linux[with and without real time extensions], VxWorks, InTime [real time windows]. Please follow the link to find out more about our software design approach and capabilities.

    Try before you buy program

    Custom, IP, PMC, XMC, PCIe, PCI, cPCI, PC104p, PCIe104, VME, VPX Hardware, Software designed to your requirements

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