cPCI to PMC Adapter / Carrier

cPCIBPMC cPCI and PMC Compatible Adapter Carrier Front View 64 bit PCI bus version

The cPCIBPMC3U64 ( cPCI to PMC ) adapter / carrier converter card provides the ability to install a PMC card into a standard cPCI slot. cPCIBPMC3U64 has a PMC card slot mounted to a universal 3U 4HP cPCI card. Suitable for 32/64 with 33/ 66 MHz bus operation. The 3U card is wired for 64 bit PCI operation with pull-ups on the control lines to allow use in a 32 bit system. The PMC bezel connector is mounted though the cPCI mounting bracket.

Dynamic Engineering brought cPCIBPMC3U64 to market in 2004. Since its release, several components have become harder to obtain and price compression has occurred with our ET version. The ET product is the recommended replacement for the cPCIBPMC3U64. cPCIBPMC3U64 is available as a special order item. The lead time will be extended compared to our off-the-shelf items, as this card is not stocked. For larger quantities some cost savings will occur compared to the ET design, please inquire via sales@dyneng.com for pricing and lead times.

The cPCIBPMC3U64 is a 0 - 70C board design based on the 21154 bridge. The cPCIBPMC3U64ET is an extended temperature version carrier using a PLX 6466 bridge. The cPCIBpMC6UET is a 6U extended temperature carrier with two PMC slots.

The PCI bus is interconnected to the PMC via 64 bit 66 MHz capable layout. The slower and more narrow device will determine the interface characteristics. The supplied dip-switch is used to control the bridge configuration. The user can select the clock rate, [33/66] on both buses and has access to the GPIO bits. PME and the Interrupt request lines are routed from the PMC to the cPCI connector.

The PCI VIO is interconnected to the primary side of the bridge. The secondary side of the bridge has programmable VIO allowing 5V PMCs to be used in 3V systems and vice-versa. The voltage select pins are not installed on the cPCIBPMC. The bridge will automatically adapt to the PCI bus reference voltage. Many PMCs are "universal" and can work with 3.3 or 5V cPCI backplanes. The secondary side has a shunt for the user to select 5V or 3V operation.

The cPCIBPMC follows the PMC specs for maximum power consumption and heat dissipation. The power is routed from the cPCI to PMC connectors with mini-planes each of which is rated for more than the maximum PMC draw. 3.3, 5, VIO, +12, -12

The cPCIBPMC3U64ET has a low internal power dissipation. The dissipation is a function of the frequency and load from the installed PMC's.

With cPCI J2 has two definitions - in a 64 bit PCI implementation J2 has the upper A/D and control signals and in a 32 bit PCI implemention J2 has the rear panel IO. The cPCIBPMC3U64 has the upper part of the PCI bus connected to J2. In addition the commonly used Etherenet and I2C pins from the Jn4 and Jn1 are connected to unused pins on J2 to allow rear panel IO for those signals. Please refer to the manual for the signal definitions.

If you have custom requirements please call or e-mail us with the details.

cPCIBPMC Features

  • Size
  • 3U 4HP cPCI

  • PMC compatible slot
  • 1 PMC Slot provided.

  • Clocks
  • cPCI bus can operate at 66 or 33 MHz. The PMC must be 66 MHz capable for 66 MHz operation to work properly. PMC M66EN pin OR'd with userswitch selection.

  • Access Width
  • Standard cPCI byte lanes supported for byte, word and long access dependent on installed PMC. 64 or 32 bit operation supported.

  • Software Interface
  • PMC register definitions as defined by installed hardware. No software set-up required by cPCIBPMC.

  • Interrupts
  • INTA, B, C, D routed to cPCI connector from PMC.

  • Signal Conditioning
  • Secondary side PCI signals are routed and terminated IAW the PCI specification.

  • Power
  • +5, +3.3, +12, -12V VIO supplied to PMC.

  • VIO
  • Bridge primary PCI IO Voltage is set by the PCI backplane. Secondary side VIO is programmable by the user.

  • Thermal
  • The cPCIBPMC is a low power design with minimal heat dissipation for optimal PMC performance.

  • IO Interface
  • Front Bezel IO supported at cPCI bracket. Partial Jn4 "user IO" supported [Ethernet and I2C] with interconnection to J2.

  • LEDs
  • +3V, +5V, +12V, -12V and Busmode 1.

  • JTAG
  • JTAG header connected to PMC supplied. JTAG pin definitions are in the silkscreen.

    cPCIBPMC Benefits

  • Speed
  • Now you have a choice between the cPCI2PMC and the cPCIBPMC. With the cPCI2PMC direct connect to the PCI bus the latency to the PMC is optimized. With the Bridged design of the cPCIBPMC the system speed is optimized. In some cases the possibility of doing 64 bit accesses to 32 bit PMC ports [memory] and 66 MHz primary PCI with a 33 MHz PMC secondary may be faster than the direct connect model. In either case your data will move quickly and reliably through the PCI bus to and from your hardware.

  • Price
  • The cPCIBPMC has the low price point. Make use of existing PMC designs in cPCI applications without paying for the expense of a new design and layout. Quantity discounts are available.

  • Warranty
  • 1 year warranty

  • Ease of Use
  • The cPCIBPMC is easy to use. A plug and play interface to the PMC site.

  • Availability
  • cPCIBPMC3U64ET is a stocked item. cPCIBPMC3U64 is available by special order. No minimum order required.

  • Size
  • The cPCIBPMC3U64 is a 3U 4HP cPCI board which conforms to the cPCI mechanical specifications. Eliminate mechanical interference issues. The cPCIBPMC3U64 can be used in all cPCI slots.

  • PMC Compatibility
  • The cPCIBPMC3U64 is PMC compliant per the IEEE 1386 specification. All Dynamic Engineering PMC Modules are compatible with the cPCIBPMC.

  • cPCI Compatibility
  • The cPCIBPMC3U64 is cPCI compliant.

    cPCIBPMC Ordering Options
  • cPCIBPMC3U64:Standard cPCIBPMC3U64
    J2 installed upper PCI bus and partial IO [Ethernet and I2C], IO through Bezel (front panel).

    J2 installed upper PCI bus and partial IO [Ethernet and I2C], IO through Bezel (front panel).
    The VIO3 option removes the FET for the secondary VIO to force it to be 3.3V only - for no mistakes about voltage selection

  • cPCIBPMC3U64-ET:extended Temperature cPCIBPMC3U64-ET
    cPCIBPMC3U64ET J2 installed upper PCI bus and partial IO [Ethernet and I2C], IO through Bezel (front panel).

  • cPCIBPMC3U64-ET-VIO3:extended Temperature cPCIBPMC3U64-ET
    cPCIBPMC3U64ET J2 installed upper PCI bus and partial IO [Ethernet and I2C], IO through Bezel (front panel).
    The VIO3 option removes the FET for the secondary VIO to force it to be 3.3V only - for no mistakes about voltage selection

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