DINribn64 cable set is designed to interconnect devices using 64 connection DIN connectors. Rows A and C are utilized. Many Dynamic Engineering products have this connector system as well as products from third parties for VME systems. Utilize the DINribn64 cable to connect the DINterm64 to the PCIBPMC, PCIBPMCX2 , PCIeBPMCX2 , PCIe8LXMCX1, PCIe8LXMCX2, PCI2PMC etc. A snap together breakout system with DIN rail capability is created with these components. You can also use the DINribn64 to interconnect your rear IO VME hardware to the DINterm64 or other breakout device.

Dynamic Engineering can adapt DINterm64 to meet your needs. The base configuration has 64 screw terminals tied to the DINrib64 compatible connector. The screw terminals can be removed and alternate connectors added. Please contact Dynamic Engineering with your modification requests.

DINribn64 comes in a 36 inch length standard. The length can be changed by altering the part number; please see the table below. DINribn64 is also available with mixed male / female or all Male connectors

Ordering Information:
DINribn64 Ribbon Cable with strain relief and cable pull tab, 64 position for DIN connectors use with -

Standard and Gender Change cables in any length. 1, 3, and 6 ft. lengths stocked. 1-2 week lead-time [usually] for other lengths including custom. All cables are tested.

Build your own PN:
Base numbers:
50-2012-0101-XX.YY.ZZ Standard DINribn64
51-2012-0101-XX.YY.ZZ Standard DINribn64 with header connector at P2 - "gender changer"
XX = primary length
YY = secondary length
ZZ = FT or M for units
Example: 8.10.FT => 8 ft 10 in., 10.00.M => 10 M

Custom, IP, PMC, XMC, PCIe, PCI, VPX, VME Hardware, Software designed to your requirements

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