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VPX 3U adapter for XMC

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VPX8LXMC3U Description

  • Industrial Temperature
  • PCIe 1-8 Lane Interface Gen3 compliant
  • XMC Position with PCIe Interface Supporting Gen1-3
  • SSC and NSSC support [REF CLK with SSC supported], local NSSC generation
  • Plug and Play operation
  • Local Power Supply for M12V, and 5V, 3.3V, 12V from system +12V
  • 3U 4HP VPX Card with wedgelock option
  • Bezel IO and Rear IO options for installed XMC device
  • 1 Year Warranty Standard. Extended Warranty Available.
  • ROHS and Standard Processing Available
VPX8LXMC3U ( VPX 8 Lane XMC 3U 1 position) adapter / carrier converter card provides the ability to install one XMC card into a standard VPX position. Up to 8 PCIe lanes can be used. Gen1-3. Built in Minus 12V supply. User selection for VPWR [5V or 12V] Hi capacity planes for 12V, 5V, and 3.3V. Industrial temperature components. Bezel and Rear IO supported. Internal thermal planes and option for Wedge Lock mounting in conduction cooled applications. Special low jitter clock circuit provided to allow operation with REF CLK [SSC mode] or local clock for NSSC mode. Available now.

P0/J0 on the VPX device provides Power, JTAG, REF CLK, PERST and miscellaneous signals . The JTAG signals are are routed to the XMC [J05]. The 12V rail is used to generate the -12V.

The power supply design utilizes a switching regulator controlling an N channel MOSFET. An LC filter insures clean power at the XMC device. The single connection on J05 will be the limiting factor for the -12V as the supply and filters are over-buiit.

The VPX supplied +12, 5, and 3.3 are bipassed with .1 uF per pin plus 10 uF per rail to supply the XMC . In addition the VPWR rail is supplied by either the 5V or 12V with user selection via FET´s and a three pin header. 20 uF of bulk and .1 uF per pin are provided on the VPWR rail. An ordering option to remove the header and hard select the VPWR voltage is offered.

The XMC installed onto VPX8LXMC3U is interconnected with the PCIe lanes from the J1 connections. Matched length, 100 ohm differential pair routing techniques are employed to allow for trouble free operation. Your VPX system can use spread spectrum clocking, and the built in clocking options allows REF CLK [25 MHz with SSC] or the local NSSC reference clock to be used. Two high precision low jitter clock sources are provided - REF CLK is used with one and an industrial temp crystal on the other. A high speed PCIe clock mux is used to select which reference to use in your application. Shunt controlled.

The PCB is designed for conduction cooling with a 2 oz. "rib plane" tied to the wedge locks and thermal contacts for the XMC. The "-CC"wedge lock option includes the thermal frame between the XMC and VPX8LXMC3U and the wedge locks. Standard models

The Rear IO (J2) connector is carefuly routed to J04 and J06 with options for installing either, neither or both. 100 ohm differential routing with matched length traces. Boards without RIO are supplied without J2.

Alignment guides are supplied to make sure of correct installation. No keying is provided. The alignment guides can be replaced with keyed versions.

VPX8LXMC3U Features

XMC compatible position
1 XMC with 8 lanes available. Matched length impedance controlled routing. 1-8 lanes operational depending XMC and host
Gen1 - Gen3 compatible. Operate with REF CLK or local 100 MHz. for SCC or NSCC operation.
Option to add wedge locks and thermal frame. VPX8LXMC3U has an internal thermal spreading plane to support conduction cooling.
Global Addressing
Routed through from VPX to XMC
Software Interface
Transparent design with no SW requirement. XMC register definitions as defined by installed hardware.
M12V converted from P12V with inverting DC/DC switching power supply. P12V, 3.3V, 5V routed via planes from VPX to XMC. VPWR selectable between 12V and 5V. Build option to force to 5V or 12V in lieu of user selection.
PCIe MSI interrupt scheme is supported
IO Interface
Front Bezel IO supported at VPX bracket. Pn4/n6P "user IO" supported routed to P2/J2 VPX IO. Differential Impedance controlled matched length traces.
VPX [VITA 46], XMC [VITA 42], PCIe specification compliant
2 pin header routed to XMC MSDA, MSCL .
VPX JTAG connections are routed through to XMC.
Statement of Volatility

VPX8LXMC3U Benefits

VPX8LXMC3U offers Gen1-3 speeds with 1-8 lanes. Use current and future XMC´s
Make use of existing XMC designs to complete your VPX system. VPX8LXMC3U is flexible - able to support most XMC designs - conduction cooled or air cooled. Use PCIe8LSwVPX3U to install into a PC to speed your integration.. Quantity discounts are available.
Ease of Use
VPX8LXMC3U is easy to use. Plug and play interface to the VPX site. A passive design with no software implications. Select your clock type, install the XMC and plug into your system.
VPX8LXMC3U is generally available from stock. Send in your order for rapid delivery.
VPX8LXMC3U is a 3U 4HP VPX design which conforms to the VPX mechanical and electrical specifications.
VPX Compatibility
VPX8LXMC3U is VPX compliant per the VITA 46 specification.
XMC Compatibility
VPX8LXMC3U is XMC compliant per the VITA 42 specification.. VPX8LXMC3U can be expected to host any XMC.

Part Number: VPX8LXMC3U
Ordering Options

  • VPX8LXMC3U Standard board - for a base version (VPX8LXMC3U) and standard processing
  • -ROHS Use ROHS processing. Standard processing is ""leaded"
  • -CC Option to add Conformal Coating
  • -TF Add Thermal Frame, Add Wedge Lock, remove bezel
  • -RIO Add Rear IO with Jn4 populated
  • -XIO Add Rear IO with Jn4 and Jn6 populated
  • -XIOexc Add Rear IO with Jn6 populated
  • -VPWR5V Add to force VPWR to 5V instead of user selectable
  • -VPWR12V Add to force VPWR to 12V instead of user selectable

VPX8LXMC3U Drivers

Software Support for VPX8LXMC3U is not needed. VPX8LXMC3U is a passive card, the drivers and application SW associated with the XMC will not need changing based on using this carrier.
Please see the XMC Driver manual for the specifics of operating the installed device.

VPX8LXMC3U Manuals

VPX8LXMC3U Hardware Design Manual Main product manual with example use, pinouts, specifications and more.