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One of the many benefits Dynamic Engineering clients can experience is scheduled shipments for their orders. Scheduled shipments allow our clients to place quantity orders; taking advantage of volume discounts. Our clients tell us when, within a 12 month time frame, they would like their deliveries. The boards are assembled upon receipt of the deposit and readily available for your desired ship dates.

The advantages of scheduled shipping:
  • Any quantity can be scheduled.
  • Higher volume discounts (see the example below).
  • Boards are assembled upon receipt of deposit and allocated for your company.
  • You provide us a shipping schedule that meets your company requirements within a 12 month period.
  • With each shipment, the balance on the shipped boards is due N30 (with approved credit).
  • Your company is provided flexibility to increase or decrease your shipping dates. The only requirement is that all boards are delivered within 12 months of PO placement.

    Dynamic Engineering first began offering this shipping schedule at the request of our client(s) who knew they needed 100 boards, but needed them in lots of 20 per month. The client also wanted the ability to take advantage of the 100 piece discount pricing (20%). We were able to provide a shipping schedule that met both the clients needs, and saved them money!

    Example: When purchasing the PMC Parallel IO boards:
    Place a PO now for 100 boards with a 50% deposit ($26,000) due upon PO placement. Then shipments could be scheduled 10 every month. Each month when the 10 boards are shipped a balance of ($2600.00) would be due N30. By placing the larger initial PO, there would be savings of approx. $13k for an order of 100 units. The unit price changes from $650.00 per board down to $520.00 per board.

    Cash Flow test: taking into account the 50% deposit, lower price per board, and delivery rate of 10 per month => the monthly cost would be 6500 without the discount from scheduling, the monthly cost would be 2600 per month with the scheduling. The difference of 3900 per month would reduce the deposit to zero over the course of 6-7 months. After a period less than the schedule period the overall cash flow is in the clients favor. Anytime you have an opportunity to reduce your cost by 20% => in this case make an extra $13K it is a smart choice.

    The advantages for Your Company:
  • Higher volume discounts
  • Ability to increase and/or decrease shipments.
  • Zero lead time shipments.
  • Minimized impact on cashflow

    The advantages for Our Company:
  • Pre-scheduled shipments
  • Ability to build and purchase in volume
  • Boards are built at one time, and scheduling is not impacted by other customers needs.

    Terms and conditions of scheduled deliveries
  • A 50% non refundable deposit is required at time of PO placement.
  • Any non delivered boards at the end of the 12 month period become the property of Dynamic Engineering.
  • In the event of non payment, scheduled deliveries will cease until account is brought current and may affect future net terms.
  • Net period subject to 1.5% per month interest fee.
  • Payment options include: Visa, MC, American Express, Discover, Wire Transfers and Terms with approved credit. We are flexible and ready to work with you.

    Custom, IP, PMC, PC*MIP, PCI, VME Hardware, Software designed to your requirements

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