Connect a PMC to a host slot with a flexible cable interface

PMC-ExtendIO-II provides a 32/33 - 64/66 extension between a PMC and Host. Any combination of PMC PCI bus speed and data width can be accomodated. With 66 MHz implementations cable lengths may be restricted compared to 33 MHz usage.

Two similar PC boards are provided to mount to the host and PMC. The boards are interconnected with flex cables and a separate power cable. The flex cables provide a flexible interface which allows the PMC to be relocated conveniently. The PC boards have been minimized to allow maximum access to the hardware on the host and the PMC for debugging purposes. The standard mounting holes are provided along with universal voltage keying to allow the PMC-ExtendIO to be used in any situation.

The PCI signals are terminated with series resistors on the A/D lines and Schottky diodes on the control signals. The flex cable signals are interspersed with grounds. The clock is buffered with a "zero delay" PLL. +12, -12, 5V, 3.3V and Ground are interconnected with the power cable because the FLEX does not have sufficient current carrying capabilities. The host side board requires 5V and ground to operate the zero delay buffer. No other power is required by the PMC-ExtendIO.

To operate: simply "plug and play". Install the board marked "Plugs into Host" into the carrier side and the board marked "Plugs into PMC" into your PMC. There are 5 cables. The 4 flex cables are mounted to the matching flex cable sockets. The board is designed to provide direct [non-twisted] interconnects when the boards are aligned. The fifth cable is for power. The cable is keyed for ease of use.

PMC-Extendio shown interconnecting the cPCI2PMC and the PMC-Parallel-TTL

PMC-ExtendIO II Features

  • Size
  • minimized "PMC" card.

  • Clocks
  • Zero Delay buffered PCI clock signal. 33 and 66 MHz PCI reference supported.

  • PMC / PCI Bus Width
  • 32 and 64 bit operation supported

  • Pn4
  • The "user IO" connector Pn4 is routed through the PMC-ExtendIO II.

  • Cable interface
  • 4 Flex cables are utilized for PCI and User IO interconnection. Power is routed via a separate cable assembly. 2 4" flex cables and 2 6" flex cables are provided. 12" cable sets are also available

  • JTAG
  • The PMC JTAG pins are connected to a header on the PMC side board. The JTAG header is marked with TCK, TDO, TDI, TMS, TRST, 5V and GND. The header can be used to program devices or as part of your test strategy. The JTAG connector is not installed at the factory as many users do not want this feature. If you want it installed prior to shipment please order with -JTAG option.

  • Interrupts
  • The PMC interrupts are routed through to the host.

  • Power Requirement
  • +5V internally, +5V, +12V, -12V, +3.3V current determined by PMC attached. All voltages are provided with filter capacitors.

  • Signal Conditioning
  • Schottky diodes are used to clamp the PCI control signals and series terminations are used to condition the A/D bus.

  • STEP
  • STEP files are available to support your system integration. Please contact for this option.

    PMC-ExtendIO II Benefits

  • Speed
  • The design of the PMC-ExtendIO II is passive - no delays are added to the PMC access. Maximum speed of operation is retained with the PMC-ExtendIO II.

  • Price
  • The PMC-ExtendIO II can prove to be an indispensable tool at a nominal cost.

  • Ease of Use
  • Plug and play interface - plug in the hardware and operate. No software to install. Boards are marked with location of installation.

  • Availability
  • We keep the PMC-ExtendIO is in stock. Send in your order, and in most cases have your hardware the next day.

  • Size
  • The PMC-ExtendIO is a minimized PMC board. The mounting holes and connector locations are retained. The rest of the card is minimized to provide maximum exposure of components on the PMC and Host boards.

  • PMC Compatibility
  • The PMC-ExtendIO II is a special purpose card and is not PCI compliant. The PMC-ExtendIO II has features to minimize the effects of the longer cable interface to allow proper operation of the PMC isolated from the host card. The PMC-ExtendIO II is the third in a series of cable interconnected PCI boards by Dynamic Engineering. [PMC-ExtendIO, PMC-Linecard, and PMC-ExtendIO II]. All of the designs are successful, providing maximum flexibility without sacrificing signal integrity.

    Order information:
    PMC-ExtendIO-II...............board and cable set...standard product
    PMC-ExtendIO-II-12 ..............board and 12" cable sets...standard product
    PMC-ExtendIO-cable-12 ..............add on 12" cable sets...standard product (4ea)
    PMC-ExtendIO-II-DM ..........board and 2 cable set special order
    Please select cable length


    For Dual Master situations - interconnect two host side devices.
    Two host side boards and cables supplied. One with the clock driver circuit altered to receive a clock.
    Used for PMC Processor applications where the PMC becomes the bus and clock master.

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