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PMC Module with 64 TTL IO

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PMC-Parallel-IO Description

  • Driver included with purchase
  • Standard PMC module
  • 64 independent TTL IO. 12 tied through Altera for custom SM requirements
  • Open drain IO compatible with TTL, LVTTL, CMOS etc.
  • Bezel and/or rear IO
  • 1 year warranty standard. Extended warranty available.
  • Extended [Industrial] Temperature option.
  • ROHS and Standard processing available
In embedded systems many of the interconnections are made with single ended TTL or CMOS level signals. Depending on the system architecture a mezzanine [IP, PMC, XMC, PCI-104 etc.] will be the right choice to make the connection. With most architectures you have a choice as there are carriers for cPCI, PCI, PCIe, VME, VPX, PC/104p and other buses for the various available mezzanine modules. Usually the choice is based on other system constraints as several form factors likely can provide the IO you require. Dynamic Engineering would be happy to assist in your decision making regarding architecture and other trade-offs with the mezzanine decision. Dynamic Engineering manufactures carriers for most mezzanines including older ones: IP and PMC, and newer modules: XMC, VPX for most architectures. Our best solutions are responses to client requests; tell us what you require.

If you are interested in an IP module solution please refer to the IP-Parallel-IO. In addition the updated PMC-Parallel-TTL and XMC-Parallel-TTL designs are available and recommended for new designs. PMC-Parallel-IO continues to be available [since 1999] to support previously integrated systems. IP, PMC and XMC carriers for PCI, PCIe and many other formats are available from Dynamic Engineering.

PMC-Parallel-IO has 64 independent digital IO. The high density makes efficient use of precious PMC slot resources. The IO is available for system connection both through the front panel and via the rear [Pn4] connector. A high density 68 pin SCSI III front panel connector provides the front panel IO. The rear panel IO has a PIM and PIM Carrier available for rear panel wiring options. The HDEterm68 can be used as a breakout for the front or rear panel IO. The HDEcabl68 provides a convenient cable.

Each channel is programmable to be input or output on an IO-by-IO basis. Two IO can be used as interrupt generators. Interrupts are programmable to be based on level or edge and active high or low. An external clock and clock enable can be used or the internal clock selected for capturing the Input channels. The PCI clock can be divided by several programmable divisors to provide the right sampling rate for your application.

12 of the IO are routed through the Altera device [EPM7128] to allow for custom applications that require hardware intervention or specific timing. The Altera can be programmed via the PMC JTAG connections. Please contact Dynamic Engineering for the development kit which includes the base design to allow for easy modifications to the hardware implementation. Dynamic Engineering can make the design changes for you if that is more convenient.

The registers are mapped as 32 bit words and support byte, word and 32 bit access. All registers are read-writeable. Use standard C/C++ to control your hardware or use the Hardware manual to make your own software interface. The hardware and software manuals are downloadable from the models tab.

Windows® compatible drivers are available to provide the system level interface for this design. For Linux and VxWorks applications please consider PMC-Parallel-TTL.

64 IO in one slot
Block Diagram

PMC-Parallel-IO can be used along with a PCIe or other carrier/adapter to use with a variety of system types - PCI, PCIe, PC104p, VPX cPCI, etc.. Dynamic Engineering has PMC carriers for PCI, PCIexpress, cPCI, PC104p, and can do custom design´s specific to client requirements as well. Please use the handy JAVA pull-down menu at the top any page to navigate to other Dynamic Engineering products including carriers.

PMC´s are independently specificed through VITA for the form factor, connectors and pinouts of the PCI signaling; you can use the PMC-Parallel-IO design with any carrier from any vendor that supports standard PMC´s. To make it even easier the PMC-Parallel-IO has a universal PCI design to allow operation with VIO set to 3.3 or 5V.

If your situation demands a custom application we will update the FPGA and IO components. Send us your timing and we will send you the interface. Please consider PMC-Parallel-TTL as this is a more fully programmable version.
email us your wish list or call today

PMC Modules require a "carrier" in most cases to adapt them to the system. Dynamic Engineering has carrier solutions for a variety of formats.
PCIe implementations can be done with the PCIeBPMCX1 and PCIeBPMCX2.
PCI implementations can be done with the PCI2PMC and PCIBPMCX2.
cPCI 3U is supported with the cPCIBPMC3U64
cPCI 6U is supported with the cPCIBPMC6U.
PCI-104 is supported with the PCI104p2PMC.

PMC-Parallel-IO Features

Std PMC 74mm x 149mm nominal. Low profile components on rear.
Open Drain IO is available via the PMC bezel connector [SCSI] and / or the PMC "user IO" connector Pn4.
Pull-up Resistor
470 standard, Other values available.
Sink Current
64 mA per IO
33 MHz PCI with local divider. ~8 MHz, 4, 2, 1, 500KHz, 250, 125, 64 selectable based on a 33 Mhz. PCI clock.
Interface Types
Custom programmed interfaces are available. Please send us a timing diagram, and we can program one for you. Most interfaces can be adapted from our large library of designs within 2-3 weeks including the updated VHDL, Windows or Linux or VxWorks Driver, reference manuals etc. We can support on-site [ours] integration to help you get your application level software working. Please note: PMC-Parallel-IO has 12 IO connected to the Altera while all 64 are connected to the Xilinx on PMC-Parallel-TTL.
All IO Channels are protected with Transorbs, and current limiting resistors.
Software Interface
Control registers are read-writeable. Windows®, reference SW and Drivers
IO 0,1 can be programmed to cause interrupts. Each IO is programmable to be masked, active hi, active low, edge triggered. Interrupts are mapped to INTA on PCI bus.
Power Requirement
+5V from PMC connector.
External Clock
Input registers are programmable to capture data on the internal clock or external user supplied clock. Additionally an external clock enable input is provided to allow selective clocks to be gated at the register. SW can select internal or external source for clock and clock enable.
Statement of Volatility
TBD million hours. Bellcore. GB 25c

PMC-Parallel-IO Benefits

Ease of Use
PMC-Parallel-IO is designed to be easy to use. Direct access to all features, aligned registers for larger access types, programmable features to allow personalization for your system. Please download the manuals and see for yourself. Reference software is provided in source form to get you started. Win® software provided to incorporate into your system. A point and shoot interface with minimal set-up required.
System level cost is best when reasonably priced, reliable hardware is installed and NRE minimized. With PMC-Parallel-IO, driver support, reference software, history of reliable operation, and fantastic client support your cost per unit and overall costs are attractive.
There are a number of orderable options for the this design. The more popular ones are stocked and others are built to order. Dynamic Engineering´s Manufacturing group operates multiple processes including an automated SMT line. Hardware built to order has a reasonable lead-time as a result.
PMC Specification Compatibility
PMC-Parallel-IO is compliant per the VITA PMC/CMC specifications. Tested with PCI and PCIe based carriers. All Dynamic Engineering PMC Modules are compatible with the PCIeBPMCX1, PMC-Parallel-IO will operate with any PMC specification compliant carrier board.

Part Number: PMC-Parallel-IO
Ordering Options

  • PMC-Parallel-IO Standard board - with open drain TTL IO, Bezel[22 ohm series] and Pn4[0 ohm series], Standard processing ""leaded"
  • -CS Pn4 Only with 33 ohm series resistors - one of our more popular options
  • -FP Bezel only IO
  • -ET Add extended temperature components [-40 +85C]
  • -ROHS Use ROHS processing.
  • -CC Option to add Conformal Coating

PMC-Parallel-IO Drivers

Software Support for PMC-Parallel-IO-XXX includes: Windows® 7 and Win XP compliant drivers
Please see the Driver manuals for the specifics of each type.

Drivers and Reference SW are developed for each type / version of PMC-Parallel-IO implemented. When custom versions are ordered the NRE will include providing Windows, Linux, and or VxWorks packages. For off-the-shelf models, select on the manuals tab, the Windows® shown is included with your purchase of the HW. Unsupported SW versions may have an NRE requirement.

Integration support is available. Please contact Dynamic Engineering for this option or download the Technical Support Description from the Company button.

PMC-Parallel-IO Manuals

Download the PMC-Parallel-IO Rev J Manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Download the PMC-Parallel-IO Win7 Driver Manual rev A in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Download the PMC-Parallel-IO XP Driver Manual rev A in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Download the PLX 9052 Manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

PMC-Parallel-IO Client System Examples

Client System Example
ION - Concept Systems chose the PMC-Parallel-IO to integrate into their Data Acquisition systems. ION´s Concept Systems subsidiary is a world leader in real-time navigation and data integration software and services. Concept Systems offers an integrated family of products addressing the command and control requirements of 2D, 3D and 4D seismic surveys in the marine environment, including both towed streamer and seabed operations. For more information on their product please use the link. ION - Concept Systems is located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

ION - Concept systems utilizing PMC-Parallel-IO