PMC Carrier with 2 Positions 28V version shown

PMC-MC-X2 adapter/carrier/motherboard provides the ability to install up to 2 (two) PMC cards into a small enclosure. PMC-MC-X2 has one PMC card mounted front and one rear to create a compact arrangement with 2 PMC positions. The carrier provides power supplies for the +5, +3.3, +12, and minus 12 from a reference supply. Arbitration is accomplished with a CPLD mounted to the card. The PCI-X clock generator can provide any of the standard PCI frequencies based on the PMC M66EN strapping and the user selected [dipswitch controlled] mode selection. All standard PCI accesses supported up to 64 bits.

PCI VIO is programmable allowing 5V or 3.3V PMC´s to be used. The voltage select pins are not installed on PMC-MC-X2 [they can be if needed]. Many PMC´s are "universal" and can work with 3.3 or 5V cPCI backplanes. User Selection is provided for 5V or 3V operation.

PMC-MC-X2 follows the PMC specifications for maximum power consumption and heat dissipation. The power is routed from the power supplies to PMC connectors with mini-planes each of which is rated for more than the maximum PMC draw. 3.3, 5, VIO, +12, -12. The total power dissipation is limited to the external power supply capabilities. Each rail can draw to the maximum to cover situations where the power utilization is not balanced. 8A[15A RIO model] max current on 5V, 8A[15A RIO model] max current on 3.3V, 4A max current on -12. 4A at PMC slots from +12V. Power is connected to the board through a standard PowerDin 4 barrel connector with an option for a vertical connector on the RIO model. Dynamic Engineering offers a wall mounted transformer style external power supply. Please make sure your power supply has sufficient current to handle the load and in-rush current. The power supplies are phased to minimize the in-rush requirement by turning on the 3.3 first, 5V second, -12V third. PCI Reset is generated based on 3.3V and 5V being valid.

PrPMC´s frequently have concentrated power consumption requiring air flow for proper cooling. The larger load also puts a thermal load on the PMC-MC-X2 components. The X2 has been designed with convection cooling in mind. The slots in the side of the PMC MC X2 design are for fans. [ Please refer to the pictures above. ] The PMC MC X2 has switched power [+5V] for fans plus an available override for always on. The PrPMC can control the fans with a pin on the Pn4 IO connector. If your PrPMC does not have a temperature sensor or control feature the always on mode can be selected.

The PMC MC X2 Chassis comes with twin fans making use of the cutouts. The X2 chassis comes with cutouts on the opposite side to provide for proper air flow across the PMC´s and PMC-MC-X2. A similar configuration is recommended when using the PMC-MC-X2 with an alternate chassis. Please refer to the picture of the open X2 chassis toward the bottom of the PMC MC X2 Chassis page.

Need more slots - please consider the PMC-MC-X4 version with 4 PMC slots. Custom versions made to order!

Dynamic Engineering has a chassis available to go with the PMC MC X2 to make a complete solution. Please click here or use the Java menu to navigate to the PMC MC X2 Chassis page.

A second version of PMC-MC-X2 is now available - "RIO". The RIO model is designed to provide rear IO via two VHDCI connectors are the rear of the motherboard. The rear IO is routed as differential pairs with controlled impedance, and matched length for a 100 ohm system. Suitable for single ended and differential signals such as RS485, LVDS, Ethernet etc. The updated version incorporates a different power supply system with independent power supplies operating over the 10-40V range. The 5V and 3.3V supplied at rated at 15A each. Reverse power protection is built into this model. Automatic fan speed control, 12V fans, rear facing status LED´s, and more. A new version of the chassis is available to match the updated layout and new rear IO features. Please order with the RIO option to get the new motherboard design.

If you have custom requirements please call or e-mail us with the details.

PMC-MC-X2 Features

  • Size
  • Custom. Slightly larger than a PMC. Step files available.

  • PMC compatible positions
  • 2 PMC Slots provided.

  • Clocks
  • PCI bus can operate at 25,33,50,66,100,133 MHz. The PMC must be capable of the frequency to work properly. User switch plus PMC control to select frequency.

  • Access Width
  • Standard PCI byte lanes supported for byte, word, long, quad access dependent on installed PMC.

  • Software Interface
  • PMC register definitions as defined by installed hardware. No software set-up required by PMC-MC-X2.

  • Interrupts
  • INTA, B, C, D routed to PrPMC from PMC. Slot 0 is assumed to be populated with PrPMC.

  • Signal Conditioning
  • PCI signals are routed and terminated IAW the PCI specification.

  • Power
  • +5, +3.3, +12, -12V, and VIO supplied to PMC slots.

  • VIO
  • VIO is programmable by the user.

  • Thermal
  • PMC-MC-X2 is a low power design with minimal heat dissipation of its own. Most PMC´s will require forced air cooling. Switched 5V [12V on RIO model] power is available for fans along with cut-outs on the side of the X2 to support closely mounted fans with little mechanical overhead. Industrial temperate parts used on both models.

  • IO Interface
  • Front Bezel IO supported on both models. RIO model has 2 VHDCI connectors with matched length impedance controlled interconnection to Pn4.

  • LED´s
  • +3V, +5V, +12V, -12V and "PMC Present". RIO model has rear edge mounted LED´s to be visible through rear of chassis. Voltage monitor circuits measure under and over voltage conditions.

  • JTAG
  • optional JTAG header connected to PMC. JTAG pin definitions are in the silkscreen.

    PMC-MC-X2 Benefits

  • Speed
  • Direct connect non-bridge based design for optimum PCI performance. 25-133 PCI frequencies and 64/32 capable to work in your system.

  • Price
  • PMC-MC-X2 has the low cost of use. Make use of existing PMC designs in applications demanding high density without paying for the expense of a new design and layout. Quantity discounts are available.

  • Warranty
  • 1 year warranty

  • Ease of Use
  • PMC-MC-X2 is easy to use. A plug and play interface to the PMC site.

  • Availability
  • We work to keep the PMC-MC-X2 in stock. Send in your order for prompt delivery. Larger orders may have some lead time.

  • Size
  • PMC-MC-X2 is a custom board. Not much larger than a PMC Please see attached PDF for dimensions.

  • PMC Compatibility
  • PMC-MC-X2 is PMC compliant per the IEEE 1386 specification. All Dynamic Engineering PMC Modules are compatible with the PMC-MC-X2.

    PMC Carrier with 2 Positions Rear IO version shown

    Please note this version is slightly larger than the non-RIO model.

    Ordering Options
    PMC-MC-X2-28:Standard PMC-MC-X2 using 14-38V power reference
    PMC-MC-X2-RIO:Updated PMC-MC-X2 with rear IO option plus 10-40V power reference, automatic fan control
    -EXT24 Add external power supply to provide 24V reference
    -FPR Move Fan headers to rear of X4
    -NPS Remove Power Switch for "Always on" operation
    -VPI Change to 2 pin Molex Vertical Power Input connector instead of PowerDin4
    -CC Add Conformal Coating
    -ROHS Change ROHS process instead of standard leaded soldering.


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    Download the
    PMC-MC-X2 Manual in PDF format
    Download the PMC-MC-X2-RIO Manual in PDF format

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