(PMC Interface Module)
Front View

2 PIM's Mounted onto the carrier board

The PIM-Universal-IO facilitates rear panel IO in cPCI based systems using PMC's. The PIM-Universal-IO provides the PMC front panel IO where rear panel IO is desired. The PIM-Universal-IO can be used with any PMC implementing "Pn4" IO.

The PIM-Universal-IO is part of the PMC family of modular I/O components. The purpose of the PIM-Universal-IO is to facilitate rear panel IO in cPCI systems. The Pn4 "user IO" on the PMC is routed through the host "carrier" board to the backplane. A PIM Carrier is mounted to the underside of the backplane. The Pn4 IO is passed through the backplane connectors to the PIM Carrier and to the installed PIM devices. Most PIM Carriers have two PIM sites which correspond to the two PMC's mounted to the host card. The PIM (PMC Interface Module) carrier supports the flexible PIM scheme for PMC rear I/O.

When installed, the PIM-Universal-IO will re-create the PMC's Pn4 IO in the rear compartment of the chassis [under the backplane]. All of the 64 IO connections are routed to the 68 pin SCSI II connector. The signals are routed through 0 ohm resistors. Alternate resistor values can be used to provide signal damping.

The PIM specification provides for power and ground references. The ground reference and power are used to tie into internal planes used as references for the signals routed across the PIM. All 64 IO are routed 1:1 to the PIM bezel connector. The extra 4 pins are used for +5V and ground reference. The +5V is fused with a "self healing" fuse. Two signal grounds are provided. Please refer to the tables in the manual for the connector definitions. For custom versions please contact Dynamic Engineering.

The SCSI connector has a variety of mates available to allow ribbon, discrete, pre-made and customer made cabling solutions.

PIM Parallel IO Block Diagram

Ordering Information
PIM.....................PIM-Universal-IO Universal PIM with 00 ohm resistors
PIM............... PIM-Universal-IO-10 Universal PIM with 10 ohm resistors
PIM............... PIM-Universal-IO-22 Universal PIM with 22 ohm resistors
PIM............... PIM-Universal-IO-33 Universal PIM with 33 ohm resistors

Using the drop down menus, select your board build options and add on options.


PIM-Universal-IO Package
To order a "complete system" you will need:

2 PIM's
1 PIM Carrier
2 PMC boards
The PIM-Universal can be customized to work with any PMC board.
The PIM-Universal is recommended for Dynamic Engineering PMC designs or any 3rd party product.

Download the
PIM_Universal_IO Manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Updated 12/12/02

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