PCI3IP-XP Windows®XP/2000 Driver for PCI3IP

PCI3IP-XP supports the 3 IP module positions and multiple PCI3IP cards within the same PCI bus

The PCI compatible PCI3IP design adds 3 IndustryPack® compatible slots to your PCI host. The PCI3IP acts as an adapter, converter, carrier, or bridge between the PCI bus and your IndustryPack hardware. The PCI3IP is a half size PCI card with 3 IP sites. Please visit the PCI3IP page for a complete hardware description.

The Windows®XP/2000 compatible [ Win32 ] PCI3IP-XP driver is a bus driver used to provide the low level interaction with the installed IPs and PCI3IP local features. The PCI3IP-XP is a Parent Driver which operates with a Child Driver for each IP Module. The Child Drivers interact with the application code directly.

When the PCI3IP is recognized by the PCI bus configuration utility it will enumerate its IP bus by reading the ID proms of installed IPs. If the device has been previously installed and its device driver is loaded, a Device Object will be created for each installed IP. A separate handle to the PCI3IP and to each IP device can be obtained. IO Control calls (IOCTLs) are used to configure the PCI3IP and read status, although this is not necessary to operate the IP modules. The PCI3IP is responsible for reading it's user switch setting, operating the onboard LEDs, and a few other operations.

The PCI3IP's main function is to act as a bus driver providing resources for the IP modules, which independently operate through their own file handles. See the appropriate IP driver documentation for information on the capabilities of a particular IP module.

The PCI3IP-XP Parent driver comes with a Generic Child Driver. The generic driver can be utililized with 'C' calls to control your IP Module when you do not have a specific IP Module driver for that module. If you would like a driver for a third party IP Module to operate on the PCI3IP or any of our other carriers please contact Dynamic Engineering. The interface model for the PCI3IP-XP is the same as other Dynamic Engineering carrier bus drivers making the IP Module level driver portable across platforms and carriers. For example your IP Module can be used on a PCI3IP and later with the cPCI2IP.

The PCI3IP-XP comes with a demonstration test source and executable file set. The test files provide a menu and the ability to test the LEDs, dip switch and interrupts on the PCI3IP. The test files provide a good reference for making calls to the PCI3IP specific features. Other Dynamic Engineering Drivers are also supplied with userapp to demonstrate calls to the IOCTLs implemented within those drivers.

PCI3IP-XP simplified block diagram of Parent Child Hardware relationship

The user application is typically written in C and makes calls to the IP modules mounted to the PCI3IP via the Child Drivers. The objective of the Child and Parent Drivers are to make the C program at the user level as simple as possible for dealing with the PCI based hardware. With Windows®XP and Windows®2000, PCI3IP-XP and the appropriate IP child driver plug and play operation will result. The user software can focus on the application level and have a true software to software interface.

The software driver- PCI3IP-XP - comes configured for up to 10 PCI3IP boards within the same PCI bus system. If your system requires more than ten please contact the factory for a simple upgrade. With the PCI3IP and PCI3IP-XP, 30 IPs can be controlled for an extremely flexable, configurable system implementation.

PCI3IP-XP Features

  • Windows®XP/2000
  • Plug and play compatible Parent Driver for PCI3IP

  • IP compatible slots
  • Driver supports 3 slots per PCI3IP used in any combination. Up to 10 PCI3IP carriers per system

  • Clocks
  • Independent clock selection per IP slot is supported

  • Access Width
  • 8, 16, and 32 bit transfers are supported

  • Bus Error
  • Watch dog timer built into PCI3IP is supported

  • Missing Child Driver
  • The supplied Generic Driver can be used for any IPs that do not have a specific Child Driver available. Dynamic Engineering can write a Child driver for your card.

  • Software Interface
  • Standard C/C++ conventions used with Windows®XP/2000 compatible driver.

  • Interrupts
  • Up to 6 interrupts are possible per PCI3IP - at IP level - PCI3IP-XP supports interrupt and polled operation.

  • LEDs
  • On-board user LEDs can be controlled by PCI3IP-XP.

  • DIP switch
  • The PCI3IP 8 position switch is readable with a supplied call.

    PCI3IP-XP Benefits

  • Speed
  • With a proper kernal level driver you can get the most out of your PCI3IP based system.

  • Price
  • The PCI3IP-XP has a very reasonable price, and is not restricted for use within your company. Buy it once and use it as much as you need to within your company or company products. Combine your driver purchase with one of the PCI3IP engineering kits and get a discount on the purchase.

  • Ease of Use
  • PCI3IP-XP is easy to use - plug and play with your hardware. Complete directions for installation and use are in the manual. With a Child driver for your IP the application software is greatly simplified for XP and 2000 applications. The included reference user application software provides a good model to start with. The Included Generic Child Driver can be used for any IP that does not have a specific Child driver.

  • Availability
  • The PCI3IP is a popular board. We keep the PCI3IP in stock. Send in your order and in most cases have your hardware the next day - delivered to you via FedEx. The PCI3IP-XP driver will be e-mailed to you - close to instant access.

    PCI3IP-XP..........Windows® XP/2000 Driver for PCI3IP

    The driver is designed to be overlayed with individual IP Module(s) driver(s). Please see the Driver manual for the specifics of writing your board interface. Please
    contact Dynamic Engineering if you would like us to produce one for your IP or a third party design.

    Download the PCI3IP XP Driver Manual in PDF format.
    Download the Generic Driver Manual Windows®XP/2000 Generic driver for PCI3IP when a custom IP driver is not available. The generic driver is included with the PCI3IP-XP driver

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