• Windows® or Linux driver included with purchase
  • 8/32 MHz operation ↣ can be installed in any IP slot.
  • Independent Transmitter and Receiver
  • 1 year warranty standard. Extended warranty available.
  • Extended Temperature standard.
  • ROHS and Standard processing available

The IndustryPack® compatible IP-CARA design integrates the CARA interface onto an IndustryPack module. IP-CARA is built on the IP-QuadUART fab. The UART IO and UART are removed and the ARINC 429 IO is added. The VHDL in the FPGA is designed to support the CARA interface. The basic interface is 24 bit serial, LSB first, ARINC 429 levels, HI-Z between words sent. Added features include programmable transmit rate, programmable edge rate, programmable delay between words sent, programmable interrupts. Full Duplex operation with independent receiver and transmitter. Use the IP-CARA module along with a carrier to form a complete solution. Windows® and Linux generic module suppport on any Dynamic Engineering Carrier.

IP-CARA Bit Timing

The interface is memory based with two 1k x 16 FIFOs to support the transmitter and receiver. The data stream is 24 bits per word. The lower data is loaded first then the upper data for each word to be sent. When the IP-CARA is mounted to a carrier which supports 32 bit operations the option for constant address can be used to allow the full 24 bits to be loaded into the FIFO on each write.
The IP-QuadUART is compatible with 8 and 32 MHz IP bus interfaces.

PCIe implementations can be done with the PCIe3IP and PCIe5IP. Applications from 1 to 5 CARA IF per PCIe slot.
PCI implementations can be done with the PCI3IP and PCI5IP. Applications from 1 to 5 CARA IF per PCI slot.
cPCI 3U is supported with the cPCI2IP. Applications for 1 or 2 CARA IF per 3U cPCI slot.
cPCI 6U is supported with the cPCI4IP. Applications from 1 to 4 CARA IF per 6U cPCI slot.
PC104p is supported with the PC104pIP. Applications with 1 CARA IF per PC104 stack position.
PC104p situations with a custom mechanical can be done with the PC104p4IP. Channel counts from 1 to 4 CARA IF per PC104 stack position.
3U VME is supported with the VME2IP. Applications with 1 or 2 CARA IF per 3U VME slot.
6U VME is supported with the VME4IP. Applications from 1 to 4 CARA IF per 6U VME slot.

The CARA IO is available at the IO connector. Most IP carriers route the IP module IO connectors to 50 pin headers to support ribbon cable. The HDRterm50 can be used to create a terminal block interface. A transition module or custom cables can be designed to support your requirement.

The local oscillator [32 MHz] is used to provide a programmable TX rate, and to capture the received data. The receive side is "auto-baud". The transmit side is programmed with software.

IP-CARA Features

  • Size
  • Standard Type 1 IndustryPack® Module

  • CARA Channels
  • Independent TX and RX channels are provided

  • Interface
  • ARINC 429 IO levels are used.

  • Speed
  • Programmable TX rates at the typical ARINC 429 values [10-15 or 100 KHz]. Higher than "standard" can also be used up to 1M.

  • Bus operation
  • TX drivers remain tristated except when transmitting

  • Termination
  • Each side of the TX signals [ A & B] are coupled with 37.5 ohms in series to meet the 75 ohm impedence requirement.

  • Clocks
  • 8 and 32 MHz operation IP Module bus operation.

  • Access Width
  • ID PROM is byte wide, internal control register is word wide, FIFOs are word wide

  • The IDPROM is build into the Xilinx. The PROM contents are available to determine the current revision of the IP-CARA and to determine the slot location. The user manual has the expected data content definition.

  • Software Interface
  • Control registers are read-writeable IO, ID, INT spaces supported. Windows® and Linux support on Dynamic Engineering carriers.

  • Interrupts
  • Interrupt level 0 is used to route the CARA interrupt to the host computer. The interrupt is maskable and pollable.

  • Power Requirement
  • +5V,+12,-12

  • Oscillator
  • One 32 MHz Oscillator is provided to cover the full frequency range and extended operations. The oscillator frequency can be changed upon request. Custom versions with special frequency requirements can be supported.

    IP-CARA Benefits

  • Speed
  • The IP-CARA is compatible with 8 and 32 MHz IP reference rates with FIFO memory capability. Use with Dynamic Engineering carriers for maximum throughput. Standard and customer specified transmit rates are software programmable.

  • Ease of Use
  • IP-CARA is easy to use. A point and shoot user interface to or from the IO. Please download the manual and see for yourself. The engineering kit provides a good starting point for a new user. The reference software does a loop-back test and set-ups the different modes of operation.

  • Availability
  • IP-CARA is an unusual combination of trianary logic with custom serial definition. The design can be further customized for your requirements. We keep the IP-QuadUART in stock. We keep limited numbers of the CARA design available. Talk to us about your requirements. If they match IP-CARA then we can delivery quickly. If you need to customize we can create a new version for you without much delay.

  • Size
  • IP-CARA in standard configuration is a Type 1 size IP module which conforms to the IndustryPack mechanical and electrical specifications. The IP-CARA can be used in all IP slots.

  • IP Compatibility
  • IP-CARA is IP compliant per the VITA 4 - 1995 specification. All Dynamic Engineering IP Modules are compatible with the all of the Dynamic Engineerning IP carriers. The IP-CARA will operate with any IP specification compliant carrier board.

    Ordering Information

    Engineering Kits

    IP-CARA-HW .......... Hardware Support Engineering Kit includes:
    IP-Debug-Bus, IP-Debug-IO

    IP-CARA DRV ..........Win7 or Linux compliant drivers for the IP-CARA: Included with IP-CARA purchase: The Dynamic Engineering Carrier driver can be used with the generic IP mode. No IP specific driver for this model at this time. Source test code for the Windows® generic driver is available. Contact Dynamic Engineering if you prefer to have the IP Specific module instead of using the built in generic mode for this design.

    Download the IP-CARA Manual 12/14/06 in PDF format.

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