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Extender Card

In Stock

The IEEE extender card, referred to as board PWB1000281-03. Extender card to allow for testing and debugging of the chassis assembly. This board was originally an Intel design that Dynamic Engineering was authorized by Intel to re-create. Our design upgraded the board, added test points and improved functionality features such as a silkscreen, improved traces and gold fingers. Each test point is also numbered. The board was redesigned for use in a Lockeed system for motherboard insertion to the NASA-NOAA (Tiros) command generator which allows testing and debugging of the chassis assembly.

The board is referenced with the following part: PBA 1000280-03, P00596419, MI 46-89.

Board Features:

  • Size
  • 12" x 7.5"

  • Connectors (2)
  • 1-printed circuit receptacle double row 156pin card extender connector, 1-100 pin connector

  • Test Points
  • Labeled test points on all signals

  • Board Material
  • All layers are 1 oz copper
    4 layers

  • Board Improvements
  • Silkscreen
    Improved traces
    gold finger
    socket mate for gold fingers on opposite board side

    Orders can be placed by contacting sales@dyneng.com, or calling (831) 457-8891.

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