Mechanical Design

Dynamic Engineering´s expertise in mechanical design includes ruggedized enclosures, EMI chassis and modules, thermal dissipating chassis [conduction and convection], and modules [conduction and convection], rack mount chassis, test equipment and flex circuits. Commercial, Industrial, and Mil-Spec designs. Our primary tool for Mechanical Design is SolidWorks. Dynamic Engineering frequently colaborates with our clients by sharing STEP files to support design modifications and manufacturing of clientized versions of our products or new custom mechanical aparatus.

Attention to detail is critical whether designing a simple custom bezel or something more complex. The designs shown below are meant to be a sampling of some of our work to show the kinds of things that are in our wheel house. Please note: all of the custom mechanical aparatus on all of our card designs were also done in house.

PC104, PC104p, PCI-104, PCIe104 chassis

Dynamic Engineering chassis to support rugged mount applications for PC/104p, PC/104, PCI-104, and PCIe104 applications. Forced air or conduction cooled.

PMC Mini Chassis with 4 positions shown

Dynamic Engineering chassis to support PMC applications needing 2 or 4 PMC´s. Forced Air.

SCSI Adapter Hub
Client design with controlled impedance interface between connector types. Custom chassis design. Pads for PCB, SolidWorks for chassis.
Client supplied sketch and pinout. Dynamic Engineering supplied schematic, layout, mechanical design and finished product.

Specialized test fixture
Dynamic Engineering was hired to design the PCB and mechanical for this test fixture to support field test of delivered HW without the entire chassis.

UltraMask Tape application system for applying paper and tape to windows and other surfaces for masking purposes. Handles Paper and Film. Dynamic Engineering Co-authored Patent #5,470,430.

Custom, IP, PMC, XMC, PCI, PCIe, VME, VPX, cPCI, cPCIe, PCI-104, PCIe104 Hardware, Software designed to your requirements

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