Layout & Route

Do you need to have a board placed and routed? Dynamic Engineering has designers experienced utilizing the PADs program. We are experienced with dense and open boards, surface mount and through hole, Digital and Analog, power, 50 ohm rules, length matching, controlled impedance, differential routing and many other special requirements. We are familiar with PCI, PCIe, cPCI, PMC, VME, PC/104p - PCI-104, IndustryPack® and custom requirement situations.

Please take a look at our products [links to the summary pages of each board format at at the bottom of this page] and see if one of them is similar to what you need to have done. We can work with a netlist, schematic or design concept. We can start from scratch, add-on to an existing design or port from another program. We can recapture a schematic from an old system and then make updates and produce a new set of artwork.

Please e-mail a netlist to us for a quote:
If a netlist is not available then we can work with a schematic or whatever you have.

Layout & Route Form

Custom, IP, PMC, PC*MIP, PCI, VME Hardware, Software designed to your requirements

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