Dynamic Engineering SpaceWire Connector Board Top View

The Dynamic Engineering philosophy is to provide a complete solution for our customers wherever possible. Dynamic Engineering offers PMC and PCI SpaceWire interfaces, adapters into cPCI, cables, and drivers.

SpaceWire is becoming a common interface, and is finding its way into embedded and distributed systems. With rack mounted systems rear IO is frequently utilized. In some situations custom cabling is required. The Dynamic Engineering SpaceWire Connector board helps with the transition from custom cabling to SpaceWire standard cabling.

The DESWCB is mounted to a sturdy plastic chassis. The DESWCB PC board is mounted to form to top of the box. The custom cable is routed into the chassis from the side or the rear. The cable is then routed to the individual SpaceWire connectors. Each SpaceWire signal pair has a strain relief and a pair of mounting pads. The wires are routed from the rear through the DESWCB and then back to the rear side. The strain relief holes are sized to work with the twisted pair for each signal pair. From the rear the wires can be conveniently soldered on the top side. The pads are routed to the connector pins with equal length traces and support differential signaling.

The DESWCB provides a space efficient, low cost method of interconnecting the custom electronics to the rest of the sensors, IO, machinery etc. Each Dynamic Engineering SpaceWire Connector Board can handle up to 28 SpaceWire connections. When ordering please specify the number of connector positions that you want to have filled. The positions will be filled from top left to bottom right - 26 positions are filled in the image above.

The standard DESWCB comes ready for customer installation of their cable. If you prefer to have Dynamic Engineering provide a bulkhead connector or pigtail please contact us with your custom requirements.

Ordering Information
X equals the number of connector positions to fill. Available between 1 and 28 positions.
Standard board comes with 1 position filled. Please specify the # of connectors needed when ordering

Please select the # of connectors to be installed & the locations to install them.

Custom, IP, PMC, PC*MIP, PCI, VME Hardware, Software designed to your requirements

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