Each order includes two IP-Connector-Savers

  • Use to increase height of IP over carrrier for tall components on either device
  • Install onto either IP Module or Carrier to protect against connector wear
  • 1 year warranty standard. Extended warranty available.
  • Extended Temperature standard.
  • ROHS and Standard processing available

Do you have an IP and want to socket a part or have taller components that won´t fit within the standard IP Module dimensions? IP-Connector-Saver is a stacked connector system which uses a coupled Carrier side and IP side connector to elevate the installed IP Module. The additional air gap can be useful for taller components or added airflow to hotter devices.

Do you need to test multiple boards and protect the connectors? IP-Connector-Saver is an inexpensive way to protect your IP module or your carrier and can take wear and tear from repeated installation in a test situation.
  • Reduce wear on Carrier/Adapter when testing IP Modules
  • Reduce wear on IP Module when testing Carrier/Adapter
  • Comes with hardware to mount to one side [test] or to mount on both sides [airflow]

  • All 50 IP connections are tied through the PCB for almost no added length [.062"] and full current capability without sacrificing signal quality.

    The VITA 4-1995 Standard provides an inter-board gap of .472" with .180" allocated to the carrier and .290" to the to the IP. Adding the connector saver provides an additional .472"+.062" ~ .534" which can be allocated to the IP or the carrier or both. The added height can be used to accomodate taller components on either side or additional air-flow if high thermal density devices are in use - IP mounted over a CPU for example. Additional uses include allowing temporary height to accomodate rework when your design needs a little help, bringing out test signals when characterising operation or debugging while mounted.

    Dynamic Engineering uses IP-Connector-Saver to test our IP Carriers without wearing out the connectors on our
    IP-HV-Test modules. While the IP connectors are high quality; rated for 200 mating cycles, in a test environment 200 cycles does not last long. We decided to do something about it. IP-Connector-Saver is the result.

    Ordering Information
    IP-Connector-Saver IndustryPack® connector stacking device for test and production. Sold in pairs.

    Dynamic Engineering has extensive experience in the design of IndustryPack® Compatible hardware. Please contact us when you need a custom design or a modification to an existing design. Please refer to our on-line catalog for more information about our design capabilities.

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